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Projects - School Renovation

Name of ProjectPrimary School Block & Teacher Housing Renovation
ContactB Spearing
Description of ProjectThe Primary School is a rural community school that educates over 700 children, and this number rises with every passing year. Grades one through nine are present at Chibote Primary School. The physical school infrastructure consists of eight small classrooms, and there are a total of six teachers that are staffed at this school. There isn't enough space to provide each grade with its own classroom, and the teacher to student ratio is over one to one hundred.

The purpose of this project is to renovate three structures in the community that are all currently in a state of disrepair. One structure is a classroom block that contains one classroom and a storage area. With the renovation of this class block, there would be enough classrooms to accommodate all grades at the school. The other two structures are houses that could house the families of two more teachers. The area does not qualify to receive more teachers than it already has because it does not have adequate housing. If these two buildings are renovated, the school would be able to hire on additional teachers.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$500
Date of Contribution10/26/17