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Projects - Vanuatu Rural Water System Development

Name of ProjectRural Water System Development
LocationVanuatu (in the South Pacific)
ContactN. Karr of Oregon
Description of Project

The proposed water system will reestablish a working water system in the local community. The current system was built in 1979 by the Condominium French/British colonial government. There have been no maintenance or improvements to the system and it has deteriorated. Many pipes have broken and been repaired using local materials (bamboo, calico, etc.). These temporary solutions have led to areas where the pipes, under extreme water pressure, spray water everywhere, creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes (in an area with endemic malaria) and leading to possible contamination. Additionally, in a village of 500 people only three taps reach the village area and frequently the primary school tap runs dry.

As water constitutes an important part of sanitation improvement and infrastructure development, the community has elected to pursue a new water system with help from myself and the government of Vanuatu. Rural Water Supply (RWS), under the Vanuatu government, provided a budget/design approximation (gravity-fed pipe system - 12/08/11).

Utilizing a Global-Positioning System (GPS) and a RWS-provided survey, the village will assess the water sources. The survey will allow RWS to finalize the design. Following delivery of materials, the village will build the system calling upon the expertise of plumbers from the surrounding area. Additionally, some villagers will be trained in maintenance and repair of the water system. The project will result in a multi-tap water system which will improve accessibility to clean and running water. Donations will fund the materials and shipping costs for the water system.

WCPCA Contribution to ProjectWCPCA contributed $500 initially to this program, and then another $500 in July.

Funds for this award came from distributions of the Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund which was created with generous gifts to WCPCA and whose sole purpose is to support humanitarian programs. Beryl was a PCV in Afghanistan (1967-69), a founding member of WCPCA, and one of its most tireless leaders for over twenty years. The awards given in her name will honor her legacy of fighting poverty and building peace.

Date of ContributionMarch 7, 2012