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Name of ProjectEnglish Resource Center
LocationCentral-Eastern Ukraine
ContactMargot Paulson
Description of Project

The students in this gymnasium in Central-Eastern Ukraine strive to learn English and understand its importance in their futures. Unfortunately, the limited current materials that schools can access are not sufficient and do not allow for the students to reach their full potential in English education.

The addition of a Library & Study Room will allow for the students to enhance their English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It will also help build teamwork and organizational skills, as students will be required to use these materials to complete regular small-group projects that will be presented in English to their teachers and peers.

The gymnasium is very enthusiastic about this project and has donated an entire room to house the library. They will refurbish this room in order to make sure that it is a comfortable learning environment for the students. The library will be accessible to students for many years to come and the school will work to update the library with new materials, making the library sustainable and a valuable place to study for all students in the future.

The money from the Partnership Program will buy quality texts and textbooks by native English speakers and a CD-player for listening to dialogues and English songs that will prove to be interesting and engaging for the students.

The English Resource Library & Study Room will immerse students in the English language and allow them the best opportunity to expand their English skills.

Funds for this award came from distributions of the Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund which was created with generous gifts to WCPCA and whose sole purpose is to support humanitarian programs. Beryl was a PCV in Afghanistan (1967-69), a founding member of WCPCA, and one of its most tireless leaders for over twenty years. The awards given in her name will honor her legacy of fighting poverty and building peace.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$300
Date of ContributionNovember 15, 2010