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Projects - Medical Staff Housing for Village Dispensary

Name of ProjectMedical Staff Housing for Village Dispensary
ContactShaw S. of OR
Description of Project

A small, rural village in the southern highlands of Tanzania is home to roughly 3,000 residents. Community members who live in this remote village have difficulty obtaining quality medical care, as the closest medical facility is over 17 km away by bicycle.

Several years ago the local government started to develop plans for a dispensary to address the community's important needs. Work on the dispensary began in 2006 and was completed in August of 2007. Next, work began on medical staff housing. Unfortunately it was halted due to lack of funding. Now the district hospital has a doctor ready to be placed in the village and is prepared to stock the dispensary. The community has collected stones for the foundation, bricks for the walls and sand for concrete.

Currently, HIV/AIDS medication is distributed by bicycle and villagers either have to carry their loved ones to town for medical care, or make do without it. We are asking your assistance in supporting the completion of medical staff housing. We ask support in buying materials such as corrugated tin, lumber, doors, and other materials. Construction will resume immediately upon the arrival of funds and the goal is to complete construction within two months of starting. The dispensary will be functional soon after.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$500
Date of ContributionFebruary 9, 2009