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Projects - Local Ultrasound Machine

Name of ProjectLocal Ultrasound Machine
ContactI. Hipshman
Description of ProjectThis grant will assist my community in procuring a Portable Ultrasound Machine for the health center. The apparatus will be used in antenatal care to reduce still-births and neonatal deaths and to increase preparedness for complications such as: risky fetal presentation (e.g. breach, transverse), position of the placenta, quantity of amniotic fluid, any congenital diseases that make survival of the fetus impossible after birth, etc. It will also serve to confirm gestational age, which aids greatly in providing appropriate care.The community contribution will be made in several parts.

Part 1: The health center will arrange and pay for the training of a permanent doctor in an intensive 8-week course in obstetric ultrasound technology at the regional hospital.
Part 2: The director of the health center and I will have a one-time training for 85 doctors, nurses, and volunteer health workers to promote the sonogram in the communities, and better patient - doctor communication.
Part 3: A voltage stabilizer will be bought by the health center to help control the sporadic nature of the electricity.
Part 4: The health center will pay for the transportation of the machine from the Capitol to the community and for the gas needed to transport the apparatus to each of the three outlying health posts at least once per month.
Part 5: A cash contribution of $1030 towards purchasing the ultrasound will be made by the mayor's office.
WCPCA Contribution to Project$100
Date of Contribution11-30-14