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Projects - Classroom Curiosidades

Name of ProjectClassroom "Curiosidades"
ContactVictor Palma Campos
Description of ProjectThis project has the objective of building a classroom to improve the facilities at a local after-school program and to help move the program to the next level.

The five-stage project will consist of establishing a space where children can come learn and take part in educational activities, with the long-term vision of expanding the program's facilities, advancing the reputation of the after-school program, and increasing enrollment in the after-school program at one of the primary schools in the community.

The first stage is raising money to buy the necessary construction materials. The community primary school has donated a space on their plot of land to build the facility and will help in the construction of the building.

Once the money is raised my counterpart and I will purchase the materials. The third stage is to start the physical construction of the building with the goal of having it ready by the beginning of the second trimester of the 2014 academic year, which is in May.

The fourth stage will be organizing the building as a classroom by setting up bookshelves and advertising to the community the classroom's open hours.

The fifth stage will be to promote the new classroom by planning and carrying out events where children will be invited for public readings and other educational fun activities. This comfortable and welcoming space will have the benefit of providing community children an environment to learn and improve important life skills such as reading, writing, socializing and making friends, sharing materials and studying.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$635.17 These funds come from distributions of the Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund.
Date of Contribution2-24-14