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Projects - Music Room and Library in Mongolia

Name of ProjectMusic Room and Library
LocationBor-Ondor, Mongolia
ContactHannah Klausman
Description of Project

Currently at Bor-Undur's complex school, approximately 1700 students in grades 1-11 take music and dance classes, or lessons, in the outdated and uncomfortable music room. There is a large volume of students using the facility during school hours as well as for after school extra curricular activities. However the materials and space available to use is inadequate at best. The paint is peeling, parts of the wall are crumbling, most of the desks and chairs are broken and in need of repair, there are not enough instruments to teach the students with, and the overall atmosphere doesn't encourage a fun or creative learning environment.

Baterdene and Hongoroo, Bor-Undur Complex school's dance and music teachers respectively, along with their students request assistance in remodeling their music room and creating a comfortable and exciting place to learn traditional Mongolian arts.

This involves the purchase of some new classroom fixtures, such as wall length mirrors, bookshelves, new audio-visual equipment, new paint, curtains, and a new door. Also in an effort to make the room more visually appealing a mural will be put on one wall.

Our vision for the Music and Dance room is to create an environment where students can actively learn and engage themselves in Mongolian traditional and modern arts to enrich their lives. Our goal is to establish an interactive dance and music center for teachers and students to learn and be able to appreciate the aesthetics of Mongolian dance and music. With the new room we expect increased student participation and interest in these areas, along with improved teaching methods obtained through new audio-visual equipment.

Bor Undur Complex school administration is able to provide labor and a significant monetary contribution towards the project. With Peace Corps Partnership funds, the school will be able to purchase new instruments and materials mentioned above.

The room before the improvements.

Painting the new music room.

Installing the mirrors on the back wall.

Hannah Klausman with the School band, with their new instruments and recently made traditional clothing.

All dancing groups, Hongoroo and Baterdene (music and dancing Teachers, and Hannah Klausman, center)
WCPCA Contribution to Project$300
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