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Name of ProjectMadagascar Ecotourism Project
ContactChris Shisler,
Description of Project On the Peace Corps website Chris described the setting where he works as follows, "I live in a rural town surrounded by world class natural resources: abundant rivers, primary forests and a population of 3 of the most rare primate species on the planet. Lack of infrastructure has made this incredible section of natural forest virtually inaccessible to local and international tourists, as well as academic and research based institutions. This project will bring basic amenities to the region in order to draw researchers and tourism into this part of the forest. It's the basic foundation for turning our community into a research park."

When a board member asked Chris to tell us more about basic amenities, he replied, "reliable electricity (though not exceptionally powerful). The goal is to power a dozen or so lightbulbs and provide outlets where people can charge laptops and cell phones…basic housing and latrine facilities for guests like ecotourists, researchers, and students."

As a PCV from Oregon, Chris has a deep regard for forests and hopes that this development will provide an income to local people who will then protect the forest rather than harvest timber illegally.

Chris' original request was for $3,560 and the project has been fully funded.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$200
Date of ContributionOctober 2014