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Name of ProjectCommunity Library Project
ContactLaura Kutner of OR
Description of Project

In a small town in Guatemala, population 2,000, little interest in reading exists and very few people have reading and educational resources and support. Consequently, community members have expressed the need for vastly improving the community library, which is currently a small space with few books. The primary objective of this project is to transform the existing library into a sustainable, functioning space that will foster literary interest in the community and act as a safe place for the public to gather to further their education and knowledge. The improved library will enrich the diversity of reading materials in the town, improve investigation materials for teachers and students, and improve internet navigation skills.

The local government fully supports the project. They are contributing the building, librarian's salary, and have pledged to sustain the library's modernity and vivacity. The community is working to find as many resources as possible within Guatemala, as sustainability is the project's ultimate goal. However, resources for public education are limited. For the library to be a success, resources are needed to purchase computers, computer desks, bookshelves and more student work desks. Any help provided by the Partnership Program is indispensable and the community will undoubtedly be extremely appreciative.

Note from Laura:
Dear West Cascade Peace Corps Association,
I would first of all like to sincerely thank you for your donation to the Granados Library Project! Your donation is absolutely indispensable to the success of the library, which I am very pleased to say, is finally coming along wonderfully! We moved into the new space last week, and have since painted, moved in and organized all the books, and are going to set up the computers next week. I have attached two photos, with MANY more to come very soon! I will also be sending a formal thank you note soon, so keep a look out!

Once again, thank you SO much for you donation, I will keep in touch and hope to hear from you soon!

PCV Laura Kutner

WCPCA Contribution to Project$500
Date of ContributionFebruary 9, 2009