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Projects - Sports Court/Let Girls Learn

Name of ProjectSports Court/Let Girls Learn
ContactN Uhlich
Description of ProjectThis project aims to provide a place for students and staff to learn and increase their skills in team sports, team building, and leadership skills. Currently the school has no space for students to play and practice team sports. The education of sports is already implemented into the school's curriculum, but when it comes time to practice and actually perform the skills they are learning from books, they lack a location to do so.

A 16m x 28m multi-purpose sports court will be constructed by a local secondary school, which also shares the same school grounds as the primary school. The land is owned by the local pagoda and is managed by the primary school, secondary school, and the community of the pagoda. This will allow both schools to have the opportunity to use the court during school hours and for after school activities.

The teachers and staff at the school have stressed the importance of having a space for students to practice sports so they cannot just learn about them from a book but also be able to enhance their skills and learn techniques of new sports and skills. This is why the teachers have agreed to put their own sweat and hard work into constructing this sports court by helping to raise the land, mix the cement, and smooth out the surface of the sports court. They believe that this will be a major asset to the school and the community as whole. Overall this project will help promote the involvement of youth, especially girls, in team building sports; a goal that the school director has identified to teachers and has begun to promote already. This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in Cambodia as part of the Let Girls Learn Program.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$1000
Date of Contribution11/13/16