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Projects - Bathroom and Hygiene

Name of ProjectBathroom and Hygiene Project
ContactN Uhlich
Description of ProjectThis project aims to create a healthier student population and also improve the girls attendance record and hygiene at school through the construction of two new bathrooms which include the bathroom structure as well as a toilet and one new hand washing station. Additionally, the construction will be accompanied by proper hygienic practice lessons and the importance of continued education and attendance at school. There are currently only two bathrooms at the school.

A survey has already been provided to the students, asking critical questions about their hygienic practices and the student's views on the school's current bathroom situation. Roughly forty percent of female students report they spend more than ten minutes outside of class. The time spent outside of class is classified as time used to get to the bathroom, using the bathroom, as well as waiting to use the school's current bathrooms. Adding additional bathrooms at school will cut down the time girls spend outside of the classroom and also including hand-washing education sessions will increase the student's hygienic practices. Currently only thirty-six percent of the students report consistently using soap when washing their hands at school and only fifty-six percent report consistently using soap at home.

The new hand-washing station and bathrooms will be supplied with soap and help with demonstrations of how to properly wash your hands and the importance of doing it. The community has committed to donating supplies and several of the teachers are builders who help with the beautification of the school already so they were eager to help. Ten female students students attended camp G.L.O.W. and initiated and took the project back to their school to present to the school director. This led the Peace Corps Volunteer to believe this student population is motivated and even after the completion of the bathrooms they will continue the improve the health population of the school.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$614.50
Date of Contribution06/12/16