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Projects - Casa Materna Sustainability Project

Name of ProjectCommunity Library at the Primary School
ContactJessica Walker
Description of ProjectI need your help. No, these kids need your help. This community needs your help. Do you remember elementary school? During rainy days when you were forced to stay inside during recess and lunch? Do you remember how very lucky it was that at least the library was there and you could roam the bookshelves and maybe even escape the world for thirty minutes? You could take that escape home with you and lose yourself in it. It formed your ideas about friendships and childhood. It taught you how to treat your younger brothers and sisters. How best not to electrocute yourself after peeing on a fence. Reading gave you suggestions on where to go if you were having a terrible no good very bad sort of day, and informed you of the one thing that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING does.

The kids at Molapowabojang Primary School don’t know that small pleasure. They don’t have a library. Oh sure, each classroom has a small shelf in which books are shared. During Library Lesson, the kids rush over to the small metal box that holds half a dozen English primers, and if the kids are lucky, Frank L. Baum. Sometimes the teachers will switch the books out, which is great.

But the kids, they stand patiently, reach in and grab at random because it doesn’t matter. Chances are, they’ve already read it before. Without a dedicated space for books, the youth will continue to be bored by their options instead of excited, enchanted and encouraged to explore new worlds and ideas though a better collected and organized selection of reading materials.

The library is prepared to share its knowledge and space with the community, which the community currently lacks. With resources on HIV/AIDS, health related issues, agriculture and more, the community at large will gain a better understanding of issues that affect them. This will be the only public library in the village.

WCPCA Contribution to Project$500
Date of ContributionJuly 5, 2015