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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, Monday, May 14, 2012

Location: Home of Dorothy Soper

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, Keith Beyer, Dorothy Soper

Guests: Easther Chigumira, Zimbabwe, U of O Graduate Student, Department of Geography and, Andrew Dempsey-Karp, RPCV, U of O Graduate Student

  1. Welcome to Andrew Dempsey-Karp

  2. Updates:

    1. Newsletter: Keith and Dorothy will set up the June newsletter and forward it to Deb Jones. A separate email will be sent to board members requesting articles.

    2. NPCA/PC mentorship program: Maggie Keenan and Dorothy have been designated as mentors. Anne Baker of the NPCA is reorganizing the mentorship program. Dorothy will include a summary article in the June newsletter in order to recruit potential mentors from WCPCA.

  3. Country Fair planning: Andrew Dempsey-Karp

    Andrew is interested in organizing a WCPCA booth at the Country Fair, July 13-15, similar to last year’s booth and he asked for the board’s support. WCPCA will share the Peace and Justice booth. The board will support the booth this year at the same level as last year. We don’t yet have cost estimates.

  4. Debriefs:

    1. WCPCA’s participation in the UO Street Faire: Keith staffed a shift at the Peace Corps booth with Hannah Klausman. There was general interest in the Peace Corps among freshmen. Hannah’s presence was very helpful.

    2. Nom party: $150 was budgeted for the Nom Party this year; next year $200 should be budgeted to take into account the $50 rental fee to the Wesley Center. Attendance was good, and there was enthusiasm for and among the recently nominated PCVs.

  5. WCPCA gatherings through October:

    Maggie Keenan and Josette Green provided a list of possible speakers for WCPCA gatherings. They will try to incorporate as many of the available speakers in upcoming events as possible especially those newly returned PCVs. (See attached paper copy.)

    Three dates were suggested:

    1. A June desert pot luck at Dorothy’s house under consideration;

    2. August picnic on either the 11th or 18th in the afternoon at Bob Watada’s house; and,

    3. October 12th potluck.

  6. Eugene Celebration, August 24-26:

    Dorothy sent an application for a booth at the Eugene Celebration and for a position in the parade. So far, we have not been asked for payment. Vince Ceccacci and Evangelina Sundgrenz will help with the booth.

  7. Northwest Regional meeting at the campout, August 2-5:

    The northwest regional RPCV group meeting is on Saturday morning, August 4th. Sam Greer sent some background information about the organization of the meeting. See NOTES at the end. The board discussed the idea of having the agenda organized by topics for discussion in lieu of RPCV group reports. Other topics may be suggested at the June board meeting but two topics were suggested initially:

    1. Technical side of organizing an RPCV group: website, newsletter, membership database, and,

    2. Fundraising.

  8. There was no treasurer’s report.

  9. NPCA national meeting in Minneapolis, June 29-July 1:

    An announcement will be made in the mid-month newsletter asking for a volunteer to represent WCPCA at the Group Leaders’ Forum at the NPCA Conference in Minneapolis. The representative would attend the Group Leaders Forum and vote on issues that are brought before the group. The representative would be asked to report back to the board on the issues that were discussed and voted on. Since WCPCA is a 501 c 3 organization, expenses for the conference, including travel, registration, and meals will be tax deductible if receipts are kept. Tee shirts will not be sold at the conference, due to the cost of renting a table, and at this point we know of no one from WCPCA who plans to attend the conference.

  10. Membership:

    A list of members, who have joined since January 2011, and their contact information, will be distributed to board members. An addendum to the membership directory will also be sent to all members in June.

  11. Revision of membership pages: No discussion.

  12. Planning the June newsletter. Articles needed for:

    1. Plans for the various summer activities;

    2. Sale of tee shirts;

    3. Thank you note for volunteers at the NOM party;

    4. Opportunities with the NPCA/PC mentorship program;

    5. Recruit for position of NPCA Group Advocacy Coordinator;

    6. Dorothy will think about a June event at her home.

  13. Fundraising: updates on tee shirt sales and calendar sales:

    1. 2013 International Calendars by Madison ROCVs have not yet been ordered. We’ll order 200 calendars as per the board’s suggestion at the last meeting.

    2. Four tee shirts were sold at the Nom Party.

  14. Review of PCPP projects:

    Three Oregon PCVs and one Washington PCV have posted projects on the Peace Corps Partnership site. So far, WCPCA has awarded $1,335 in total for two PCPP out of $2,000 budgeted. The projects are listed on the web site. Discussion on funding for the projects listed below, or other projects, was tabled for a later meeting.

    Kenya, Community Cereal Bank, Bostian B., OR, #615-198, $3,041.43

    Morocco, GLOW Camp, Deen A., OR, #378-217, $1,552.47

    Ukraine, Community Playground, Jasperson A., OR, #343-328, $3,668.00

    Vanuatu, Rural Water System Development, Karr N., OR, #461-050, $4,571.70

    Ukraine, Integrating Technology and Language, Valles, D, WA, #343-340, $2,492.00 (See NOTES, page 5, for more on this project.)

  15. Board meeting dates:

    1. Monday, June 11th, 7pm, Dorothy’s house

    2. July, no meeting

    3. Monday, August 6th, Dorothy’s house

    4. Monday, September 10th, Dorothy’s house

Respectfully Submitted,

Miriam Aiken, Secretary

May 24, 2012



Email from Sam Greer about summer regional meetings:

Hi Dorothy       The summer meeting is just like the other regional meetings in that is for leadership of the groups to share what they have been doing, their successes and their plans for the upcoming year.   That meeting also sets the time and place for the next regional meeting as well as the next campout hosts.  

I don't know why no minutes were sent out from the Idaho summer session; I thought that Darryl Johnson or Joe Hindman took notes and that they would send them out to the groups' leadership.   I would check with Darryl to see if he knows if any 'minutes' are available.  

Darryl chairs the meeting and agenda suggestions should probably be sent to him.   My only role in the meeting is to be sure there is a place to hold it and I suggested the noon time so that the WCPCA cooks could have the Gazebo from 3 PM on to do our dinner prep and cooking.     Darryl has indicated that noon was fine with him, but I don't know that he has shared that with the rest of the West Region leadership.     Hope this is helpful.   I'm heading to Boise for 10 days and will recruit for the campout while I'm there.    Peace, Sam

Email from Danielle Valles about her PCP project:

To the West Cascade Peace Corps Association:

My name is Danielle Valles and I am a currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. I graduated from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon in 2010.

I recently wrote a Peace Corps Partnership grant in order to raise funding for a computer-learning lab for the English teachers at my school. We want to bring in computers so that the English teachers have a chance to combine language learning and technology skills in their lessons. With this project we are hoping that all of the students are not only inspired to keep learning, but also gain valuable skills that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. The majority of English lessons focus heavily on grammar and learning by repetition, which doesn't always hold the interest of students. I hope that students will able to learn that there is more than one way to study a language. The project was spearheaded by the director of my school and the English teachers are excited to see this project to completion. And all of them are committed to making sure that this project not only is successful, but that it impacts future classes of students.

I was hoping you would be able to review my grant proposal and perhaps donate to it as well. Thank you so much and we hope to hear from you soon!

Danielle Valles

Peace Corps Ukraine

Group 40 Secondary TEFL Teacher

April 25, 2012