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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, July 18, 2011

Location: Home of Dorothy Soper

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, Nick Bosustow, Dale Morse, Rosa Sakanishi, Dorothy Soper, Wayne Thompson, and Bob Watada

Guests: Andrew Dempsey-Karp, Vern Delk, and Dale Dow

Agenda Items:

  1. Updates:

    1. Oregon Country Fair: Andrew reported that WCPCA participation at the Peace and Justice Booth was a success. Several organizations shared the Peace and Justice booth, taking turns to display their materials at the front of the booth. Each organization had staff present when their materials were at the front. In addition to Andrew, Dale Morse, Nick Bosustow, Bob Watada, and Rosa Sakanshi staffed the WCPCA portion of the booth. Andrew noted that seeing Peace Corps tee shirts drew in people. Many people didn’t know what Peace Corps does or the benefits of being a Volunteer. It was a good opportunity to get the word out. About 10 names and email addresses were collected from people who are interested in receiving the WCPCA newsletter. Andrew recommends that WCPCA continue our participation at the Fair at the Peace and Justice Booth, and that Peace Corps tee shirts be worn even when not staffing the booth.

    2. Newsletter: Felicia will send out a brief newsletter mid month, reminding people of upcoming events.

    3. Membership: There were no new members in the past month.

    4. OASIS Invitation: Dorothy is still waiting to hear from them.

    5. Summer Picnic, August 13: Bob and Rosa are still expecting us. WCPCA will reimburse Bob and Rosa for the hamburgers; people are bringing potluck. Directions to their home will be given in the next newsletter; people are invited to come early and meditate in the Zen garden that Bob has created or take a walk in Jasper Park. People may also want to bring chairs. There is parking inside their property.

    6. Fall Potluck, October 7: Maggie is preparing a program about water for the next potluck. The site of the potluck is still up in the air. Dorothy has not been able to connect with the Wesley Center and they have not committed a date or the space to us yet. Dorothy is still trying to clear up the question about whether dinners are allowed at the Long House on the U of O campus. The Long House has its own board of directors.

    7. Alice Tallmadge article for Oregon Quarterly: Alice is collecting information to write an article about RPCVs who are at the University of Oregon and what their roles are. If anyone knows of RPCVs at U of O, contact Alice. Her email will be in the newsletter.

    8. 8th Annual Santa Fe International Folk Art Market: Wayne reported on the World Market at Santa Fe, NM. An RPCV was one of the founders of the Market and there were 150 PCVs from New Mexico participating. There were 180 booths representing 29 nations. The average booth sales were over $17,399. An International Peace Corps night recognized the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. In a speech at the banquet, a startling nugget of information was related: the current Peace Corps budget would fund the war in Afghanistan for 21 minutes.

    9. 2012 International Calendars: Calendars for 2012 have arrived; we ordered 150 of them. The cost to WCPCA of the calendars is $4 each. A final decision about what to charge for the calendars has not been made but it is likely we will charge $12 each as in the past. We still need to decide who will coordinate sales and where they will be sold.

  2. WCPCA Representative to August campout in Idaho: Sam Greer will represent WCPCA at the regional meeting in August in Idaho.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Dale M distributed copies of the budget and noted that there wasn’t much change from a month ago. There is over $7,000 in combined savings and checking accounts. WCPCA has received a distribution of $595 from the Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund.

  4. Eugene Celebration Planning, August 27 and 28: Registration deadline for participation in the parade and to reserve a booth is July 22nd.

    1. The booth can be set up between 7:00 and 9:00 am on Saturday, and must be staffed between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. There is no early break down time on Sunday; the booth should remain in place until 5:00 pm.

    2. Pleas for help at the booth on Saturday and Sunday will be in the newsletter and there will be sign up sheet at the picnic on August 13.

    3. Hannah Klausman, the new U of O Peace Corps Recruiter won’t be here for the Eugene Celebration. She has been asked to refer students from Peace Corps host countries at U of O to participate in the parade.

  5. Staffing of Eugene Celebration Activities: Nick will coordinate the parade, Vern and Dale D. will coordinate the set up of the booth, and Miriam will coordinate staffing of the booth. Vern and Dale D. attended the meeting to help plan the Celebration.

    1. Wayne and Vern will determine whether or not the taxi can be used as is. If it can be used, Wayne will take it to the parade and return it to his barn. Wayne will also supply two tables and two chairs for the booth.

    2. Dorothy now has the flags and James has the poles. They will bring these items to the picnic and ask attendees to help attach the flags to the poles. The person who will take the flags and poles from the picnic to Dorothy’s house is yet to be decided.

    3. Dorothy will have all the tee shirts, calendars, and other small decorating supplies at her home for Vern to pick up. Dale M. will drop off the cash box at Dorothy‘s house.

    4. Nick will pick up the banners, flags, and poles from Dorothy’s house and take them to the parade site.

    5. Vern will bring supplies to the booth site to set the booth up. Other volunteers will be needed there to help.

    6. Since Dorothy or Nick will be out of town the two weeks before the Celebration, Miriam’s name will be listed as the contact person on the applications. She will forward pertinent emails to Dorothy, Nick, Vern, or Dale D.

  6. Selection of PCPP to Fund: Nick moved and Bob seconded a motion to fund a PCPP by a Volunteer from the state of Washington at a level of $1,000. Motion passed. The project is in Peru to build 85 sustainable wood cook stoves. After the meeting, Dale M and Dorothy logged on to the PCPP site and entered our contribution.

    As a suggestion for a memorial tribute for Artis Mary Spriggs, Miriam will contact Terry Doherty of Friends of Afghanistan to get more information on a 501 c 3 organization called SOLA (School of Leadership – Afghanistan). Friends of Afghanistan support this organization and Terry is the treasurer of SOLA. Specifically, Miriam is to request financial information and a description of the scope of the organization and to learn how RPCVs are involved. Bob registered his opinion that WCPCA should fund only projects that had been vetted through the Peace Corps and were listed in the PCPP.

  7. August and September Board Meeting Dates: August 15th and September 12th at Dorothy’s house.

Respectfully submitted, July 25, 2011

Miriam Aiken, Secretary