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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, February 7, 2011

Location: Home of Dorothy Soper

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, Keith Beyer, Nick Bosustow, James Cloutier, Maggie Keenan, Felicia Kenney, Dale Morse, Wendy Nelson, Justin Overdevest, Dorothy Soper, Wayne Thompson

*Prior to the board meeting, Felicia Kenney gave a brief tutorial on how to use Facebook.

  1. President Dorothy Soper opened the meeting at 7:15 PM. There were no additions to the agenda.

  2. Dorothy expressed the thanks of the board to Felicia Kenney and Keith Beyer for the improved content and format of the newsletter.

  3. Felicia reported on the WCPCA discussion group. They meet on the second and fourth Thursday of every month to discuss current events.

  4. Dorothy reported that we have renewed our affiliation with the NPCA. We are expected to provide them with our monthly newsletter, an annual report, and a yearly financial statement. In return, we are able to gain new members who join WCPCA in addition to their NPCA membership.

  5. The regional RPCV meeting takes place in Spokane on April 30. WCPCA members are encouraged to attend and to suggest agenda items. Dale Morse may attend.

  6. The OLLI presentation will take place on Friday, February 11 at 2;00 PM. WCPCA members are encouraged to attend.

  7. Plans for the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration

    • Maggie Keenan has made numerous press contacts to inform the public about the upcoming March 1 events. A four-page insert will appear in the February 17th edition of Eugene Weekly. Information will appear in upcoming editions of the Register Guard and Eugene Magazine. A press release will be sent out statewide. A few people are needed to compose op-ed pieces. James Cloutier will create an editorial cartoon.

    • Maggie, Dorothy, and Felicia plan to send invitations to all public officials in Oregon.

    • Justin Overdevest will ask UO president Richard Lariviere to speak briefly at the afternoon event.

    • Wayne Thompson will ask Eugene mayor Kitty Piercy to declare March 1, 2011 Peace Corps day in Eugene.

    • James has designed an informational poster to be distributed around Eugene. Several board members took copies to distribute. James requested that we give a $25 Sweet Life gift certificate to Claudia Schouten to thank her for donating her service to help with the digital design of the poster. Felicia moved to approve the purchase, Wayne seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

    • James will look into the costs of printing t-shirts with our 50th anniversary logo on them, to be sold during the March 1 events and possibly made available to other RPCV groups.

    • Costs for the bands that will play at Cozmic Pizza were higher than anticipated. Costs for the poster and insurance also had to be raised. As a result, a revised budget for both March 1 events was presented to the board for approval. Keith moved that it be approved, Miriam seconded, and the board unanimously approved a budget of $2,564, dated 02/04/2011.

  8. Dorothy has made arrangements to rent a projector from Dot Dotson when we have need of one for our potlucks. They have agreed to a discounted rate of $25.

  9. WCPCA made a profit of $1,319 on sales of 2011 Peace Corps calendars. The board plans to discuss whether to sell 2012 calendars, and needs to designate 2 people to coordinate the sales.

  10. The board agreed to discuss at its March meeting a range of categories of recipients that meet the requirements for WCPCA grants. Miriam volunteered to assemble information for this discussion. After the board expresses its preference for categories of recipients to consider further, Miriam will identify specific projects or programs for the board to review in April. The board anticipates awarding $1,000 in one or more grants in April.

  11. The next WCPCA potluck will take place on Friday, April 8. The speaker will be Audrey Squires, a new WCPCA member who served in Guatemala, 2008-2010. The location is still to be determined, but Justin will inquire about using the International Lounge at UO.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, March 7, 7pm. Location TBD.

Next Potluck: Friday, April 8, 6-8:30pm. Location TBD.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Wendy Nelson.