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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, December 6, 2010

Location: Maggie Keenan’s home

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, John Hofer, Maggie Keenan, Jack Meacham, Shannon Micheel, Dale Morse, Rosa Sakanishi, Dorothy Soper, Wayne Thompson, Bob Watada

  1. Vice President Dorothy Soper convened the board meeting at 7:10 p.m. with a welcome to new board members. This was the last board meeting for 2010 members and new board members had been invited to attend to facilitate a smooth transition. Agenda items included a review of final report for the year 2010, planning activities for 2011, and approval of a budget for 2011.

    As an addition to the agenda, Dorothy asked for a backup for James Cloutier who was going to participate in an interview in Portland about the Peace Corps. James has laryngitis. The interview is for the Portland Historical Society on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. Dale Morse said he thought he could serve as the back up.

  2. Membership Directory. An updated membership directory will be ready this week, certainly by Wednesday, the 8th. It will be distributed to the membership by Friday, December 10th. WCPCA got a lot of new memberships through the affiliation with the NPCA, many of whom are newly returned volunteers and have a free membership.

  3. Newsletter. Felicia Kenney would like to institute a new approach to newsletter and develop a list of specific items or topics to be included as features in each issue. She would like the board’s input about the topics to be included. Some examples are: Plans for the 50th Peace Corps Celebration; Potluck Dinners including announcements of dates and locations, and also a report on those events; Special Notices, about one-time events to which members are invited, notices about the sale of calendars, or fund raising events. Keith Beyer is helping Felicia organize articles and collecting submissions.

  4. Sale of RPCV Madison, WI Calendars. There are 38 calendars remaining to be sold. Calendars may still be purchased at Swahili Imports and The Smith Family Bookstore on 13th Avenue. Dorothy and James have other remaining calendars in their homes. Some will be taken to Sweet Life for sale and there will be an email to membership alerting them to the dwindling supply of calendars. There was a discussion about reducing the price of the calendars after Christmas but no decision was made.

  5. Draft Final Report for 2010. Dorothy walked through her draft of a final report for WCPCA for 2010. The report discussed the WCPCA mission and five goals, as well a summary of the website and newsletter, affiliation with the NPCA, WCPCA membership, financial status, and organizational and outreach activities. The board approved the draft for posting on the website.

  6. Treasurer’s Report. Jack Meacham presented a budget and list of income and expenses for WCPCA as of December 6, 2010. He also presented a draft budget for 2011. He suggested that the 2011 budget serve as a constraint or guideline for group commitments so that the budget is balanced. He called attention to two items on the budget that are difficult to predict: 1) the income from the sale of calendars (See item #4.) and, 2) the anticipated costs for the Celebration of the Peace Corps 50th. Dorothy thanked Jack for his organization of the budget. The board approved the draft 2011 budget excluding the costs of the 50th. (Discussed in #7 below).

  7. Celebration of the Peace Corps 50th on March 1 in Eugene. Maggie Keenan presented a two-page plan of events for the 50th that included a description of the Broadway Plaza Event at noon on March 1st, the Cozmic Pizza Event the evening of March 1st, publicity plans, budget, and a task list that requires people to staff and implement. Discussion focused on the budget for the 50th and whether to have a cover charge at Cozmic Pizza, and if so, how much, or, whether to circulate among the attendees with donation buckets. Money collected would be used to defray the costs of the Celebration and any excess income over costs will be used for Peace Corps Partnership Program(s).

    Peace Corps 50th Budget. In 2010, $350 was expended for the Celebration with another $1,440 in expenditures anticipated in 2011, bringing the total expenses to $1,790. Anticipated income for the 50th is $1,000, for a total cost of $790. The board approved a budget of $1,440 in 2011 for the 50th.

    An email letter requesting donations will be sent to the full mailing list, reminding people of our 501 status, and that donations are tax deductible. Maggie Keenan and Dorothy Soper will work on this.

  8. Next Board Meeting. Dale Morse offered to host the next board meeting, which was set for Monday, January 3rd. He will send directions.

  9. Potluck. A pot luck is scheduled for January 28th at a place to be determined.

Additional agenda items were not covered due to time constraints; they will be on the agenda at the next meeting. These include organizational goals for 2011, potlucks and other social meetings, fundraising, service activities, and celebration of the Peace Corps 50th.

Minutes by Miriam