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Email Newsletter for May 2010

Greetings from the West Cascade Peace Corps Association!

Upcoming Events In The Next Month

  • May 5-7: U of O Spring Street Fair - Volunteers needed!! See the article below for more information.

  • May 11: WCPCA Board Meeting at Felicia's house at 7pm.

  • May 21: Peace Corps Nomination Party and Potluck
    The annual NOM party to celebrate new and aspiring Peace Corps volunteers will be held on the University of Oregon campus. RPCVs are encouraged to attend and bring a dish to share.

From the Board


  • Peace Corps in the News

    • In anticipation of the 50th anniversary celebration, Peace Corps seeks mailing addresses and e-mail addresses for as many volunteers as it can locate... More information

    • Peace Corps joins Google, Disney and FBI as top 20 dream employers for undergraduates. More information

    • Dodd's departure leaves the Senate without a former Peace Corps volunteer for the first time since 1979... True, there are still Peace Corps supporters in the Senate, plus a record five returned volunteers in the House. But is that enough? More information

WCPCA Board Minutes

The full text of the minutes is available on the website.