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Minutes of the WCPCA April 14, 2010 Board Meeting

Attending: James Cloutier, Jack Meacham, George Jeffcott, Shannon Micheel, Wayne Thompson, Rob Dwan, John Hofer, Justin Overdevest, Bob Watada, Rosa Sakanishi, Geoff Walser, Pennie Walser

  1. General Announcements - None

  2. President James Cloutier opened the meeting at 7pm. The minutes of the previous meeting were circulated and approved by the board before the current meeting. No additions were made to the agenda.

  3. President – James Cloutier – None

  4. Vice President – Dorothy Soper - For the record, James noted Dorothy’s monthly report submitted to Board members by email on April 12. The report noted that the WCPCA now has 133 members. James emphasized Dorothy’s point in the report that the WCPCA’s affiliation with the NPCA contributes new members to our membership. He emphasized that it is important to keep this affiliation alive, particularly through our website.

  5. Secretary Geoff Walser – Geoff announced his resignation from the Board as Secretary. He said that he and his wife, Pennie are moving to Henderson, Nevada for family reasons. Geoff said that he has appreciated the support and friendship of the WCPCA Board and members. He hopes to keep in touch. His last day on the Board will be April 24th.

  6. Treasurer - Jack Meacham -- Jack submitted his monthly report for the record. The summary of current accounts is as follows:

    Oregon Community Credit Union general fund (unrestricted) (checking and savings), $6,339.79

    Oregon Community Credit Union Beryl Memorial Fund (restricted), $1590.73

    Oregon Community Foundation Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund (restricted), $26,020.45

  7. Communications – Felicia Kenney - None

  8. Committee updates

    1. Fund raising – Board members discussed the WCPCA would sell 2011 calendars. Shannon made a motion that the Board authorize the purchase of 200 calendars. Shannon would order the calendars online and James would make arrangements to store them. The motion was seconded by John Hofer and was carried unanimously.

    2. U of O Liaison - Nothing to report

    3. Activities - Nothing to report

    4. Community projects - Chef’s Night Out at the Hult Center on April 6 was a fundraising success for Food for Lane County. John Hofer reported that the organizers were appreciative of the WCPCA members who assisted with the event cleanup. All worked hard and enjoyed themselves.

  9. Establish procedures for voting by email – The Board decided to table this issue for a future meeting.

  10. Bluegrass Jam update - Shannon reported that plans for this May 2 event at Cozmic Pizza are going well. James said that his publicity poster would go to print early next week. The Board agreed that the funds raised from this event should go for humanitarian projects in developing countries where Peace Corps volunteers are currently serving. This is the wording that will be on the creative posters produced for the event.

  11. Update of plans for celebrating P.C.’s 50th Anniversary – John Hofer shared his revised member survey with the Board. John volunteered to do a random telephone test run of the survey next weekend and provide some initial feedback to the Board on the results.

    Wayne said that plans for a 50th Anniversary event at Cozmic Pizza on March 1, 2011 are going forward. He envisions an arrangement for four different musical groups at the event featuring posters and pictures displaying Peace Corps achievements.

  12. Update from Justin

    1. Knight Library exhibit for Peace Corps 50th anniversary - Justin reported that he and Barbara Jenkins are working on this event commemorating five decades of Peace Corps. He said that he would be asking WCPCA members for pictures and memorabilia that will be displayed.

    2. Nom Party – This May 21st event will be at the Longhouse. The WPCA will bring food. James will be the liaison with Justin.

    3. U of O Street Fair – This event will be held May 5, 6, and 7.

  13. Location and length of time for future board meetings – This issue was tabled until next meeting, while several board members volunteered to check out potential downtown venues.

  14. Replacement for Geoff Walser as Secretary of WCPCA Board – The Board discussed

    Ideas on how to find an interim replacement until the next election. Aside from posting the vacancy on the WCPCA website, Board members thought it will be useful to use fliers at this month’s potluck to advertise the vacancy. Board thanked Geoff for his contribution as Secretary and wished him well in his move to Nevada.


    When: Tuesday, May 11th

    Where: To-Be-Determined (see item 13)


    When: April 30th – Stove project

    Where: Residence of Mike and Cris Helms

    Meeting ended at 9:00 pm

    Minutes submitted by Geoff Walser