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Email Newsletter for June 2009

Greetings from the West Cascade Peace Corps Association!

In this edition of our electronic newsletter, you'll find:

Upcoming Events

July 9: Board meeting at 7pm

July 22: Internet Security Class from 1-4pm
"Believe nothing that you read and only half of what you see." It is an old proverb, but one that is especially apt when dealing with the Internet. There are plenty of people (and programs) looking to deceive you online, but following some basic rules will help you avoid most pitfalls. In the second of our WCPCA computer classes, we will discuss keeping your computer and personal information secure, choosing good passwords, avoiding identity theft, and deciding if email and webpages are legitimate. This class will take about three hours and will cover information for both PC and Mac users. A laptop is not required but could be helpful. Please contact info@westcascadepca.org if you are interested. If you would like to attend an evening session of this class, let us know.

July 25: Family-friendly picnic and potluck from 1-6pm in Tugman Park in south Eugene. This will be a family friendly picnic, so feel free to bring family and friends - along with a blanket to sit on and perhaps a Frisbee. Bring a dish to share, but due to park rules, we ask you to not bring alcohol. Paper plates, glasses, and utensils will be provided.

August 21 - 23: Northwest Regional RPCV Campout
The 2009 Regional Campout will be held at Bridge Creek, a group site in the Wenatchee National Forest, with SEAPAX as host. More information can be found at the SEAPAX website (http://home.seapax.org/2009/01/10/regional-campout-august-21-23-at-bridge-creek).

September 5: Eugene Celebration Parade
Join us in the annual Eugene Celebration parade! The parade begins at 9:30am. More information on our meeting place is to come.

September 11: Bimonthly potluck

November 13: Annual Meeting

Announcements and Notes

  • Work of Students Helping Street Kids International (SHSKI)

    Bob Crites, WCPCA member and founder of SHSKI, has returned for the summer to Eugene from Brazil where he was a PCV in the sixties. Bob has retired as a school counselor in Springfield but continues his work as director of SHSKI which supports the education of impoverished students in Brazil and elsewhere. At Bob's invitation one of the SHSKI Brazilian students, Priscilla Dantas, a recognized classical musical prodigy, will visit Oregon this summer to give several piano concerts. WCPCA members are invited to attend her Eugene concert.

    For several years Priscilla's education at the Pernambuco Music Conservatory in Recife, Brazil has been sponsored by SHSKI. At the age of 16 Priscilla has won several piano competitions and performed throughout northeastern Brazil. Last summer she performed in the Oregon and has returned to continue that effort. Priscilla's goal is to be an international classical concert pianist.

    WCPCA members are invited to her performance at the Central Presbyterian Church, 555 E 15 th Avenue, Eugene, on Tuesday, July 21st, at 7:00 pm.

  • Membership and fundraising mailing:

    In early June WCPCA sent 285 letters to local RPCVs who are not members of the organization to invite them to join and/or support our work through a donation. This was our first major effort to build upon our new 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS which makes membership dues and donations to the organization tax deductible.

    Through returned letters we found that some people have left the area. But as of June 25th the organization has welcomed eleven new members who joined after receiving the letter. We've also received three donations.

    I'm sending an email or paper letter to all of our new members to welcome them. By midsummer we'll update our electronic membership directory and send it out so that all members will have a current list of the full membership and be able to identify new members.

    Our membership is over 100 now and growing!

  • Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut introduced a landmark bill to expand and reform the Peace Corps last week. It is well worth the few minutes it takes to read the text of his speech.

Summary of the minutes of the June 11 board meeting

The full text of the minutes is available on the website.

Attending: Rolly Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Bob Watada, Michael Kresko, Shannon Micheel, James Cloutier, Felicia Kenney, Justin Overdevest, Dorothy Soper.

The meeting was held at the home of Michael and Shannon.

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and approved via email. Rolly presided at the meeting.

  1. Jack had circulated the treasurer's report via email. He was unable to attend the meeting. Major expenses of the last month were the purchase of 800 calendars for 2010 that we'll sell as a fundraiser, $869; purchase of food for the NOM party, $164; and the annual payment for the Dotster website server, $71.

    Account balances:

    • OCCU, general funds: $4,600
    • OCCU, Beryl's memorial fund: $700
    • E. Jones' money market fund (Beryl's fund): $6,600
    • E. Jones' bond: $20,000

    Total assets are approximately $31,900. The board accepted the treasurer's report.

  2. Dorothy reported on our fundraising mailing to local and nearby RPCVs who are not members of the organization: 285 letters were mailed by first class mail on Wednesday, 6/10. This fundraising effort is our first to build upon the organization's 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS as a public charity. Donations and membership dues are tax deductible.

    Many thanks from the board go to the people who worked on this mailing. Names are listed below:

    Rob Dwan, Michael Kresko, Jack Meacham, Shannon Micheel, Dorothy Soper, and Rolly Thompson who typed the names and addresses of RPCVs listed in the new national RPCV directory. We had to do this in order to make mailing labels:

    Felicia Kenney who turned these spreadsheets into a data base that we can use again as well as the mailing labels that we used this time.

    Linda Ague, Gwen Bailey, Diane Jeffcott, Dorothy Soper, and Artis Spriggs who stuffed and mailed the envelopes.

  3. Congratulations to Justin Overdevest, U of O Peace Corps recruiter, for a banner year in recruiting new PC nominees and celebrating them at the annual NOM party in May. We're pleased that Justin will continue in this position next year.

  4. Membership remains the same at approximately 90 members.

  5. The board talked about activities for the coming months. We put the following on our combination definite/planning schedule:

    1. July 22: Felicia will offer a second computer class on internet security Dorothy's home. This is for both PCs and Macs. All are welcome. It's good but not necessary to bring a computer. This is a definite. Consult the calendar for the date and time.

    2. Rolly will contact Laura Kutner, whose PC program in Guatemala recently received a $500 grant from WCPCA, about speaking to us during the summer. She is home in Portland for much of the summer and will return to her program in early fall. She has extended her PC service for a third year.

    3. July 25th: Family Friendly Picnic, Tugman Park on Hilyard in south Eugene. Rolly is requesting a reservation from the city of Eugene. We're thinking of picnic hours of 1-6 pm and asking people to bring a dish to share. This is definite.

      There is a playground for children but only one table at the site. So we'll bring some tables and chairs but people should be prepared to sit on the ground (blankets). The park has restrooms.

    4. August: Bluegrass social/fundraiser : Shannon and Michael know the head of a local bluegrass band, "Grassburners," that might play at a fundraiser concert in their backyard. We set a tentative date of Friday, August 14th. Shannon and Michael will develop this possibility.

      We noted that the annual northwest RPCV campout will be August 21-23.

    5. September 5/6th: Eugene Celebration Weekend. We'll take part in the parade and have an information booth with items to sell. Rolly will make reservations. This is definite.

    6. September 11th, potluck with a program: We thought of several newly returned volunteers who might talk about their PC programs. James will contact Andrea Callahan about her speaking to us. This is definite.

    7. October: Possible fundraiser/social gathering at a local vineyard. Wayne will develop this idea and talk to the board at the next meeting about it.

    8. November/December: annual meeting including the election of the next board and potluck with a program probably on November 13th. This is definite.

    9. In late November or early December, having a booth to sell calendars and shirts at the Holiday Market. Rolly will check on this. This is a definite.

    10. Felicia would like to organize one or more hikes and will let us know what seems good and feasible to her.

  6. Rolly reported that the 2010 calendars from the Madison RPCV group have arrived. We talked about selling them at two local stores in addition to personal sales. James will check with a store in Cottage Grove.

  7. We talked about how to approach nominating people to be board members for next year (2009-2010). Nominations need to be publicized in October, a month before the election. The latter will take place at November's annual meeting, which is likely to be Friday, November 13th.

    The board is actively seeking WCPCA members who are interested in serving on the board next year. To find out more about this area of service, please contact a board member. The organization's vitality depends upon all of us taking an active role at least some of the time.

  8. Consult the calendar for the date of the July board meeting.

Minutes by D. Soper