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WCPCA Board Meeting Minutes - May 11, 2009

Attending: Rolly Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Bob Watada, Felicia Kenney, Michael Kresko, Jack Meacham, and Dorothy Soper at the home of Rolly and Wayne Thompson

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and approved by email. Rolly chaired the meeting.

  1. Rolly reported that she has ordered 200 calendars from the Madison RPCV group to sell this fall. We'll pay $4 per calendar and sell them for $10 to $12. We sold 196 calendars last year.

  2. Jack presented the treasurer's report. The main change was the receipt of a $605 interest payment from the bond held with Edward Jones. This money is dedicated for use in making grants and is deposited in the money market fund with Edward Jones.

    Account balances are:

    • general accounts: approximately $5,500
    • OCCU: Beryl's Memorial Fund: approximately $700
    • E. Jones: Beryl's Fund, money market account: approximately $6600

    The board accepted the Treasurer's report.

  3. Dorothy reported that the membership continues at just over 90. Michael asked how we recruited volunteers newly out of the PC in the fall. We try to meet them at activities at the U of O and at the booth at the Eugene Celebration. To expand on this the board liked the idea of having a welcoming event on or near the campus at the end of September in order to attract student members. The board liked the idea of placing an advertisement about such an event in the Emerald and possibly in a calendar item the Emerald.

  4. Felicia reported that after she had sent the membership an email about joining the "PC Connect" program with the national PC Association, a few people did join. She'll give a computer class in "beyond the basics" on Wednesday, May 20th, 1-4 pm, at Dorothy's home. All members are invited to take part. No need to bring computers to the lesson.

  5. We had a lengthy discussion of the NOM party scheduled for Friday, May 15th, 6-8 pm, Many Nations Longhouse, U of O campus. Responsibilities are assigned as follows:

    • Justin has planned the program: two speakers; three student performances; ice breaking activity. He will use funds from the PC office in Seattle to purchase paper plates, cups, napkins, utensils and ice. He has funds from the Career Center to purchase beverages (communication 5/12).

      He'll bring photocopies of the program with a description of WCPCA on the reverse side of the paper. He'll also bring string and rope to hang decorations.

    • Rolly will speak about WCPCA and its interest in funding ongoing PC projects.

    • Dorothy will bring an assortment of shirts which can be given away along with calendars as prizes. She'll purchase some food to supplement potluck items. The board authorized $150 for this.

    • Various board members will bring ice chests to the evening so that we can use them to keep the beverages cold.

    • Dorothy will bring registration sheets. We'll need volunteers to take names and email addresses of our guests as they enter.

    • We expect that same level of turnout that we had last year when about 90 people attended.

    • James will retrieve the banner and flags from storage to use as decorations. Dorothy will bring the plastic table cloths.

  6. We talked about the fundraising letter that has been circulated among the board members. Dorothy invites editing comments for the next week.

    After reviewing some choices regarding mailing we agreed to the following:

    • Mail about 300 letters to people who are not now members and whose names are listed in the new National PC Association directory, to people on the organization's mailing list who aren't members and to other names offered by local members.

    • Use first class postage.

    • Create a data base from which to print mailing labels. This responsibility will be shared within the board and possibly other members. Felicia agreed to use the software that she has to create mailing labels. We expect to make one such mailing per year and thus to continue to need the mailing labels. This justifies the labor.

    • Have a board gathering for the purpose of assembling the various parts of the mailing. We hope to have the letters in the mail by mid- June.

    • We'll decide whether to have a mailing of this type once a year depending upon the outcome of the first mailing.

    The board authorized $250 in expenses for this effort. The following people agreed to type spreadsheets of the names and addresses of new members in order to make the mailing labels: Jack, Michael, Rob, Rolly, Dorothy. Felicia will set up the procedure and Dorothy will let people know what it is and pass around the necessary disk. We expect to be doing this by next week.

    We agreed that on the return form we'll ask for the responder's email address so that we may acknowledge a new membership or gift and inform the person of the way that the donated money was used.

  7. Jack consulted IRS publication #526, "Charitable Contributions," and learned that membership dues paid to WCPCA are tax deductible. The board was pleased to learn this and will publicize the fact on the website and also in the fundraising letter to be mailed in June.

  8. The next board meeting will be on Thursday, June 11th, 7:00 pm, at Michael's home.

    Minutes by Dorothy, 5/12/09