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WCPCA Board Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2009

Attending: Rob Dwan, Rolly Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Bob Watada, Felicia Kenney, Michael Kresko, James Cloutier, Dorothy Soper

Guests: Artis Spriggs, Rosa Sakanishi

James presided at the meeting. Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated by email and approved.

  1. James reported that he had attended a curry dinner fundraiser sponsored by the Columbia River RPCV group in Portland. He reported a successful evening with a good turnout. They held a silent auction with 6-8 items for sale.

  2. Rolly said that there are only four calendars left to sell. She will offer them at a good price.

  3. Jack was unable to attend the meeting and he distributed the treasurer's report by email a few days in advance. The board approved the report of which highlights are below:

    OCCU general fund accounts: approximately $6,100
    E. Jones, Beryl's fund, money market account: $6,500
    E. Jones bond, face value: $20,000

    Total assets are approximately $32,300 compared to $31,900 in January.

    Major expenditures in the last month were:
    $500 grant to a PC project in Guatemala for a library project
    $500 grant to a PC project in Tanzania for medical staff housing

    Profit from the fundraiser dinner at Mekala's Restaurant held after the Regional RPCV group meeting netted $521. More information on this activity will be found in paragraph #13.

    Jack suggested that his reports maintain the value of the bond at its purchase price of $20,000 since its fluctuations make it difficult to assess other financial information. We'll continue to monitor the bond's value and can report it separately at the board meetings. The board approved this approach. At the time of this board meeting the bond's value was $17,605.

  4. Dorothy reported that WCPCA now has 82 members. Three new joined in the last month. With Felicia's agreement we'll distribute an updated membership directory for 2009 in June. Dorothy will send information about the new members to the board in a separate email.

  5. Felicia reported that she has transferred our email list of approximately 300 individuals including both members and interested parties to Google groups. She feels that this service is much better than Dotster.

    She'll be offering several computer classes to interested parties beginning in April. She has circulated a proposed list of topics to the board and will do so again.

  6. Michael asked if there were any questions about Shannon's suggested scoring rubric to rate Peace Corps Partnership Projects when we are evaluating them for funding. The board approved her suggestion enthusiastically.

    We reviewed the list of volunteers to help with clean up for the Food for Lane County fundraiser, Chefs' Night Out. Eight people had indicated that they would help. Felicia suggested that she put out an announcement of the activity via email once more to the full mailing list. The board agreed to this.

    Our goal is to have at least ten people. Those who have done this before reminded everyone that volunteers are free to sample all of the food along with the paying customers. The selections are plentiful and outstandingly good.

  7. At the last meeting the board indicated an interest in using the list of RPCVs in our region that appeared in the new directory published by the national organization to attract new members and seek contributions for our grants.

    Dorothy agreed to draft a letter and create a new kind of stationary using the taxi design that is on the website. She'll present that to the board at the next meeting. We'll have to make decisions about the wording of the letter, the stationary, whether to include a return envelope, stamped or not, etc.

  8. We reviewed the goals that we have set for 2009 (at our December, 2008 meeting) to determine how to direct our time and resources. Below are the goals and the status of our work on each. The board was pleased to see that we're pursuing the goals successfully.

    • Goal #1: Continue bimonthly potlucks with a program . We've done this and are having a good attendance and excellent programs.

      Try other types of gatherings: Justin is doing some of this at the U of O; Artis will be working on some ideas and would like a cochair for activities.

    • Goal #2: Spend $1,000 to fund one or more PC Partnership Projects by March. We've funded two projects for a total of $1,000 and thus have already met this goal. The board anticipates making one or more additional grants this year.

      Shannon has accepted responsibility for identifying projects for the board to evaluate and has created a scoring rubric to help with this task.

    • Goal #3: Identify fundraising ideas and find people willing to pursue them.

      Wayne and Rolly agreed to do this. We completed a successful calendar sale in January and held a successful fundraising dinner in February. Rolly and Wayne organized both. At this time we discussed briefly having one more fundraiser this year, perhaps at a winery in the fall.

    • Goal #4: Identify local service projects for members of WCPCA to take part in as a group .

      We don't have an overall chair for this activity. The board decided that it would like to have individual members suggest activities and present a plan to the board for recruiting and organizing volunteers from the organization. We have to make this decision known to our membership to encourage participation.

      The only long standing commitments that we have at this time is to take part in two activities organized by Food for Lane County, Chefs' Night Out and Empty Bowl.

  9. The board members who are interested have been able to get their names on the Group Leaders list of the NRPCVA. Anne Baker is the contact for this matter at the national organization.

  10. The national organization has asked that each affiliate group identify a contact person to receive information about plans for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the PC. Rolly will be that person for WCPCA.

  11. James gave a brief report on the regional meeting held on February 21st. Joe Hindman, WCPCA member and NPCA representative for the western region, presided. The WCPCA group was well represented with 13 members and guests present. Members of other western region organizations who came were: Richard Ireland of the Columbia River RPCVA, Portland, OR, Sam Greer from Boise, Idaho, Aileen Lie, Paulette Thompson (Seattle liaison to the NPCA board), and Joana Ramos from the Seattle, WA, RPCV organization, SEAPAX.

    WCPCA provided a hearty potluck with one purchased item from Cafe Yumm. Evangelina secured the donation of a cake from Sweet Life. Our members housed several of those who attended from out of town. The meeting went well and the minutes are posted on our website. The board thanked Rolly for the overall organization of the event and Shannon and Evangelina for their help.

    A main concern that we have is to secure an up to date list of all of the RPCV organizations in the western region and a contact person for each. Joe Hindman will secure this for us.

    More recently it was suggested by the Seattle group that the next meeting which will be in May be held by teleconference. The board agreed with some reservations. It would like an actual meeting with a teleconference backup. This seems reasonable since the western region is huge; it includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Montana and the US territories in the Pacific.

    Dorothy will let the SEAPAX group know of our view.

  12. At the regional meeting board members learned that there is an agreement in place that each organization will contribute annually to the expenses of the regional representative. $1 per member is the suggested contribution. The board decided to contribute $100 to Joe for his expenses this year as the regional representative.

  13. Wayne reported on the fundraiser dinner at Mekala's on February 21st after the regional meeting. The dinner sold out and then some. About 75 people came. Our profit was $521. Wayne was pleased with Mekala's food and service, especially since more food than anticipated was needed. He thanked Jack and Mary Meacham for their work.

  14. Artis, cochair for activities, asked for some suggestions of activities. Board members suggested activities that could include children such as a picnic in a park, possibly with baby sitting available.

  15. The next board meeting will be on Monday, April 13th, 7:00 pm, at the home of Jack and Mary Meacham.

Minutes by Dorothy