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2009 WCPCA Annual Meeting Minutes

The WCPCA annual meeting took place on November 13th at the home of Tom and Nancy English as part of the evening program of a potluck, the business meeting and a presentation by a guest speaker.

James welcomed the approximately 40 people who attended and summarized briefly the highlights of 2009 for the organization. Rolly talked about the sale of calendars. Those present approved by voice vote the following slate of officers and at-large board members which had been published in the October newsletter. This concluded our business.


President: James Cloutier (Kenya, 1964-66)
Vice President: Dorothy Soper (Ghana, 1963-65)
Treasurer: Jack Meacham (Turkey, 1967-69)
Secretary: Geoff Walser (India, 1967-69)
Communications Coordinator: Felicia Kenny (Benin, 2003-04)
Ex officio, U of O Recruiter: Justin Overdevest (Dominican Republic, 2002-2004 and Peru, 2004-2005)

Board Members-at-Large:

John Hofer (Morocco, 1968-70)
George Jeffcott (India, 1966-69)
Maggie Keenan (Philippines, 1987-90)
Michael Kresko (Seychelles, 1994-95 and Russia, 1995-97)
Shannon Micheel (Dominican Republic, 1995-97)
Evangelina Sundgrenz (Uzbekistan, 2000-2001)
Rolly Thompson (Peru, 1964-66)
Wayne Thompson (Peru, 1964-66)
Bob Watada (Peru, 1964-66)

Our speaker, Jennifer Kyker, presented a slide show to describe the work of TARIRO, the NGO that she has founded in Zimbabwe to support the education of young women orphaned by HIV/AIDS.