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Email Newsletter for September 2008

Greetings from the West Cascade Peace Corps Association!

In this edition of our electronic newsletter, you'll find:

Upcoming Events

October 9: Board Meeting at 7:15pm at Rob Dwan's home

Summary of the minutes of the 9/3/08 board meeting

The full text of the minutes is available on the website.

Attending: Artis Spriggs, Evangelina Sundgrenz, James Cloutier, Michael Kresko, Benj Epstein, Rolly Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Dorothy Soper

  1. The board acknowledged WCPCA's receipt of 501 (c) (3) status from the IRS which occurred in late August. We have a probationary status for four years and will need to follow certain guidelines to retain the status. With this step we can make plans to create an endowed fund with OCF of $25,000.

    Note: A group of board and off board members will meet with Sara Brandt of the Oregon Community Foundation on October 1st to go over the steps required to create an endowed fund with the organization. This will be the 'Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund.'

  2. The board is learning about the regulations that accompany the WCPCA's having received 501 status from the IRS. Our grants must be made to other 501 organizations. Thus to support active PC projects we will fund them through the PC Partnership Program. This program vets and lists PC projects on the PC website. Donations are made through the PC. No fee is taken by the PC.

    We encourage our membership to look at this portion of the PC website, http://www.peacecorps.gov.

    The board is looking for more information about PC projects that we funded such as photos and periodic updates on the project's progress. Currently we are offered only a final report and no contact names or numbers. James will call to talk to someone at the PC about this.

  3. Evangelina presented the treasurer's report. Our current financial position is:

    Checking account, OCCU: $1,957
    6 mo. money mkt. act., OCCU: $2,612

    Calvert fund: $2,000 (payable to WCPCA in September)

    Beryl's fund invested at Edward Jones:
    Principal Life Income bond: $20,000
    6 mo. CD: $2,512

  4. We reviewed our preparations for participation in the Eugene Celebration Parade.

    Evangelina presented to the board draft copies of informational handouts about the organization. The board approved them.

    Flags: James found a vendor that sells flags at a reasonable cost. He'll buy a few more for our stock to use in the parade. James will refresh the paint job on the taxi. We will be #3 in the parade. We tried to complete the staffing for the booth and also verify the transportation of items for use in the parade and at the booth.

    We anticipate selling international calendars and shirts at the booth and also having new PC literature to give out. James will have some new tee shirts made with the Ghandi design which has been popular. Otherwise our stock for sale are left over from previous years.

  5. The board reviewed its dues structure and decided to lower the level of dues paid directly to WCPCA in order to have them consistent with dues paid through the national organization for an affiliate (such as WCPCA). We had found that half of our members had a practice of joining WCPCA through the national organization and thus paying the lower amount. For members who have already paid the higher amount in 2008, we will extend a second year of membership for the amount that they have paid. Felicia has put the new dues schedule on the website.

  6. Jim Beyer is heading the nomination committee and thus securing candidates for WCPCA officers and at large board members. Anyone who would like to serve on the board should contact Jim.

    WCPCA has five officers and may have an unlimited number of at-large board members. The board prefers non-contested elections to encourage full participation of the membership. All board members must be paid up members of the WCPCA. Job descriptions for the board may be found in the bylaws which are posted on the website. The term of office will be for the year 2009. The election will take place at our potluck in November.

  7. Empty Bowls: Michael is working to identify people who can help clean up after the Empty Bowls fundraiser sponsored by Food for Lane County. Volunteers should arrive at the Food for Lane County headquarters on Bailey Hill Road at 8:30 pm on Saturday, September 13th. Please let Michael know in advance if possible.

  8. International guests: James encouraged the board to invite international guests to our potlucks. This would be a welcoming place for them to socialize and it would be interesting for us meet them.

Announcements and Notes

  • Justin Overdevest is the new UO Peace Corps Recruiter. He was an agro-forestry volunteer in the Dominican Republic 2002-2004 and Peru 2004-2006. Most recently Justin worked with the Resource for Rural Environments (RARE) program for two years in rural economic development in Newport, Oregon. Justin can be reached at pcorps@uoregon.edu or 541-346-6026. The Peace Corps recruiter office is located on the UO campus in the 2nd floor of Hendricks Hall in the Career Center (across from EMU).

  • The UO Fall Street Fair is being held October 8, 9 & 10th on campus (13th Ave between Kincaid St. and University St.). There will be a Peace Corps table to give attendees a chance to learn more about serving abroad in Peace Corps. RPCVs are needed for 2 hour time slots between 10am and 5pm. If you are able to help out please contact Justin at pcorps@uoregon.edu or 541-346-6026.

  • Volunteers Clean Up at Food For Lane County Fundraiser

    A special thank you to volunteers Wayne and Rolly Thompson, Michael Kresko, and Diana and George Jeffcott who helped clean up after the Empty Bowls Fundraiser benefitting Food for Lane County on September 13th. WCPCA members have volunteered for this event and for the Chef's Night Out fundraising event for years. Watch for announcements in the Spring to help out at a fabulous community event that supports ending hunger in our community and eat delicious food in the process!

  • November gathering: We'll have a potluck, a program, and the election of officers and at-large board members to serve WCPCA during 2009.

    Jim Beyer is our nomination committee for board positions and has identified candidates whose names he'll present to the board at its October meeting. Nominations are still open so if you would like to nominate someone, including yourself, please contact Jim.

    If you are interested in working on the business side of WCPCA please feel free to come to a board meeting and take part in our discussions. They are announced in the newsletter and open to all members.

    The date, location, and program for the November potluck will be in an email announcement to be sent out by mid-October. Please check your email and plan to join us for this important meeting.

  • Eugene Celebration: WCPCA marched with thirty or so participants in the Eugene Celebration parade on Saturday, September 13th. James Cloutier, WCPCA president, secured the #3 position in the parade for us so we were up front and looking colorful and snappy. Onlookers gave us an enthusiastic reception.

    The taxi had been refreshed with a new paint job. We had lots of flags on it and in our hands. The WCPCA banner led the way. We made a strong statement for 'Peace as Policy.'

    WCPCA also had a booth on both Saturday and Sunday. We distributed recent Peace Corps publications, answered questions from interested bypassers, and signed up almost twenty local RPCVs who are considering joining our activities.

    We sold international calendars and tee shirts and gave away much pre-Halloween candy. With such good weather, a good time was had by all.

    Many thanks to WCPCA members and family who helped transport and set up our equipment, took part in the parade, staffed the booth, and let our presence be known.

  • About 30 people attended our September potluck. We had a festive backyard barbecue at the lovely home of Benj and Joann Epstein. Rolly Thompson gave a presentation that she called, "The Real Kenya." She showed slides and told us of the month long visit that she and Gwen Meyer made to Kenya during this August. They visited several schools and other community development projects to which the NGO founded by Gwen, "Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife" had contributed.

    They also attended meetings regarding resettlement of refugees from the post election violence in Kenya. And they worked with community groups where women are learning to use the wool from their sheep as a craft item. Rolly called these hardworking people the "real heros" of Kenya."