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Board Meeting - March 13, 2008

WCPCA: Summary of the Board Meeting
3/13/08, 7pm at Deb's house

Attending: James, Rolly, Felicia, Deb, Wayne, Artis

James started the meeting with general announcements and additions to the agenda. Diana is leaving the Guard who has been our contact for RG announcements. Felicia is aware. Second announcement is that this Sunday there is a Peace March in Eugene and discussed putting on web page. As a 501c3 status concerns that we cannot be political. Will announce at the Potluck Friday night. Question discussed if we want to be part of a network that supports the Peaceworks Network.

No additional additions to the agenda from what was discussed above.

Officer Updates:
Vice President Rolly will be gone for 3 wks leaving 3/18 and returning 4/5. Dorothy will be gone in till April 7th. During that time, Wayne will get the mail and Deb will check phone messages. No treasury report as Evangelina is sick and not present.

Website Update/Walkthrough:
Felicia walked us through the board section of the website. Contains all contact information for members of the board, including phone numbers. Also includes the info sheet Dorothy typed up when asking new members to join/renew membership. Has how to enter payment/paper check information that will be sent to treasurer and webmaster, plus additional information on sending emails, PC webring, fonts, NPCA, Database, etc.

Felicia also wants to get additional WCPCA projects up on main section of web page for viewers to see. Ideas of recent projects include Nicaragua project and Afghanistan project. Felicia reports that the domain will renew in June with a $15.45 yearly charge. Felicia will also be sending out a new mass email, she will include the information Brett sent out Peace Corps at 50 Story Project. Wayne will write up piece for Nom party.

Membership Report:
Updated on calls/contacts by board members to renewing members. Rolly left a couple messages, James will talk with people at the potluck tomorrow, Deb just got back from vacation and has not done yet, Wayne spoke with one contact who will renew likely with paypal on website.

James suggested having some type of certificate of membership for WCPCA members. Then we discussed adding low-income rate with current student rate of $10 and whether that rate should increase to $15. Much discussion on proper wording as term low-income not favored wording. Decided to table to next meeting.

Update on Campus Events:
Nom party is April 22. We are in need of set up and clean up crews. James, Rolly and Wayne will be there at 3 to help set up. Artis will also help. James will make an announcement at the potluck to recruit volunteers.

Invites sent out to board via email. Decided to mail to all current members and an email will go out to the entire list reminding them of Nom partly. James, Artis and Deb will get together next Weds at the home of Artis to put together to postcards. Felicia will make some mailing labels from the database to use and Deb will get the postcards printed out. 51 current members on the list (after weeding out those without addresses).

James has the flags and banners for the Nom party. He will clarify with Brett on gifts to volunteers. James will also talk with Brett about putting together handouts for volunteers on WCPCA regarding who we are, funding projects and PC partnership.

Rolly offered to get the cake for the potluck with Happy 47th Anniversary of Peace Corps on cake.

The telephone account is active. Rolly reports no real calls yet. Number is 607-4140.

501c3 status. Rolly reports things are happening. We received in the mail the little green letter around Feb 4th stating the application was received and 3 things possible options next. 1) We'll receive a letter/email stating we have 501c3 status. 2) Receive letter/email asking more clarification. Or 3) be assigned a case manager person and have to do more in depth work. We should get a reply within 6 months.

Fundraising ideas. James reports that we have 46 T-shirts and 21 sweatshirts. He will inquire more about cafepress for future shirts, coffee cups, bags, etc. He will bring all current shirts to Nom party and potlucks. He does not wish to do new shirts till we get rid of more of old ones. James has idea of doing a book of some sort as a fundraising project. He will work on idea, thinking something with peace quotes. He brought Peace Cards and just received order for 6 through the web page. He will split all profits on sales of the peace cards with WCPCA. Rolly suggested some type of wine tasting fundraiser. Wayne is working on an idea but is not ready to share yet.

Next on agenda is to create a financial picture that shows projected income, expenses and amounts we would like to use to fund projects. Will table to next meeting when more board members present including Dorothy.

Newsletter Design by Rolly:
Rolly came up with a layout for the Newsletter using the old one. She had sample printout. Discussed putting out 4 times/year. James would like to work on newsletter and will need additional volunteers. Opted to wait till next meeting to come up with a deadline for first newsletter.

Executive Board Changes:
James spoke with Rob Dwan who is interested in being part of the board at large. He has financial skills that could be beneficial for group. He will be out of country for 6 months of the year. Michael and Shannon have also agreed to serve as at large board members. Reviewed current members. Maggie has removed herself as at large at this time. Wayne will contact Eli to see if he wants to participate. Question of Penny's name being listed on board contacts. She will be removed and Felicia will update other contacts as well. Discussed goal to have 50% show rate for at large members and will continue discussion at next board meeting. Artis is also considering being a board member at large and wants to attend 3 meeting before deciding.

Miscellaneous Items:
Artis informed that the guest book online for Beryl has been renewed indefinitely. You can go into site and read memories. Artis will look up web site and let us know.

Rolly suggested for next potluck topics of street kids or Kenya. Also suggested that Rolly could speak on trip to Cameroon.

Next Meetings:
Potluck May 9th at 6pm-no location yet
Board Meeting April 10th at Deb's house
Nom party April 22nd

Minutes by Deb
Approved as corrected by the board, March 17, 2008