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Board Meeting - July 5, 2007

West Cascade Return Peace Corps Board Meeting
July 5, 2007, 7:15-9:15pm
Home of M. Kresko & S. Micheel, Eugene

Members present: James Cloutier, Dustin Johnson, Shannon Micheel, Michael Kresko, Rolly Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Felicia Kenney, Evanelina Sungrenz, Brett Holt, Laura Holt, Benj Epstein, Eli Meyer, Deb McLaughlin.

Officer Updates

  • Currently working best he can and random rescheduling emails were approved by the board.
  • Dustin is making a list of all West Cascade Returned Peace Corps Assoc. stuff. Please contact him if you have anything.


  • $4536.00 in our bank account.
  • Two people paid for Diamond Lake @ $15 per person
  • Well project received funding in Cameroon.
  • 501c3/ Non-profit status - we do not have it, presently. We have applied per Atkison CPA three times but not according to the gov't(s). Need to complete more paperwork and align our bylaws with non-profit rules; will cost between $700 - 1000.
    • S. Micheel will look into fast tract tax status
  • Sub-Committee formed of Evangelina, Rolly, Shannon, and Felicia - will look at Boise RPCA's by-laws and work to align with gov't. non-profit guidelines.


  • Random requests Felicia gets will get forwarded to James C.
  • Secretary will send Board meeting minutes to be posted on the web
  • Benj will send out hardcopies to people who don't use email-needs names
  • Dustin will notify the members that new board minutes are posted on the web


  • Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund - close to $20 K may be contributed by Beryl in her will to be administered by the board or other; James C. will talk with Jim Beyer and Trisha about fund status.

West Cascade Activities:

Picnic at Wayne and Rolly's: from 12 to 4pm; bratwurst and hamburgers will be provided; bring potluck dish.Felicia volunteered to send out notices about future potlucks to the Register Guard and the Eugene Weekly. Wayne said he would get more information for her.

Eugene Celebration: Shannon will look into; happens in September; shares a booth with U of O; will need volunteers to man booth

Special Olympics: Aug. 25th at 9 AM; contact Benj 341-4678 to walk or volunteer; more information at Sunday s potluck

Grassroots Garden: Brett will spearhead and lunch will be included; a way to help out Food for Lane County in October

Regional Campout Aug. 2 - 5: BE THERE! subcommittee members along with Michael and Shannon, Eli and Wayne, Felicia, Dale Dow and Vern Delk ; Eli will chair
Sub Committee will meet @ 7:15 PM 2080 Friendly St 255-2872 at the home of Deb Mclaughlin
Payment and RSVPs to Evangelina - $15 per adult and 1/2 price per child; Food : Idaho charges $2 for breakfast on Sunday; dinner on Saturday by us except BYOB
People take care of their own meals; potluck Friday; all other meals people are on their own

Next Meetings

Sunday, July 8th Picnic at Wayne and Rolly s 12 to 4pm

Board Meeting - August 30th

Potluck Friday, September 7th presenter to be announced @ Benj s House
Felicia may have a presenter