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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, Monday, July 30, 2012

Location: Home of Dorothy Soper

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, James Cloutier, Josette Green, Dorothy Soper

  1. Welcome!

  2. Updates:

    1. June NPCA meeting in Minneapolis: About 200 people attended the NPCA conference in Minneapolis. The link below has been provided for access to the Group Leaders Forum. It requires the creation of a password, date of birth, and transcription of garbled words to access. http://community.peacecorpsconnect.org/group/groupleadersforum?xgi=436Fx3mKwUbnBW&xg_source=msg_invite_group

    2. 2013 Wisconsin International Calendar order: The 200 calendars ordered for WCPCA fundraising have been received. See item 7 below for pricing.

    3. Membership update: Membership is steady at 140 – 150 members. In the first half of 2012 we have received $15 rebates from the NPCA for 15 members.

    4. Update of selected WCPCA website pages: Dorothy and Miriam have been updating selected WCPCA web site pages. The membership pages have been updated, and the pages for the 50th Peace Corps Celebration are in the final draft stage. Miriam has been working on the Links and Donations pages.

    5. Newsletter: A third person is still being sought to help with the newsletter production. Keith and Dorothy have been alternating as editors and Deb Jones has been producing the final copy.

  3. Finances: Dale sent a financial report for the first half of the fiscal year. Dorothy reviewed the budgeted amounts, revenues, and costs for the year.

  4. Review of Summer and Fall Activities:

    1. Country Fair, July 13-15. This WCPCA's second year at the Oregon Country Fair's Peace and Justice booth in Community Village. Andrew Dempsey-Karp coordinated WPCA participation at the booth and wrote an article for the August newsletter about the Fair.

    2. Campout, August 2 – Sam Greer is coordinating. Patty MacAfee will take calendars and tee shirts to sell and also represent WCPCA at the regional meeting to be held there. Camping spaces are sold out! WCPCA will host a dinner for attendees on Saturday night.

    3. WCPCA Picnic, August 18, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Dorothy and Josette are coordinating; it will be at the home of Bob Watada and Rosa Sakanishi. The program will include two speakers: Kerry Davis, Vanuatu, 2009-2011, and Jennifer Knowles, Macedonia, 2009-2011.

    4. Eugene Celebration, August 25 – 26: Dorothy is coordinating. See item 5 below.

    5. Potluck, October 12th. Maggie and Josette are coordinating. The hosts will be Nancy and Walt Meyer.

    6. Potluck, December. Maggie and Josette are coordinating. Photos of PCVs at their site will be shown as in 2011. There will be an effort to get different people to submit photos.

  5. Eugene Celebration August 25-26:

    1. Parade: Props used in last year’s parade were reviewed: taxi, vinyl banner with the WCPCA name spelled out, and flags. The taxi will be used at least one last time. Wayne Thompson will organize people to “run” the taxi and he will use his truck to transport it. The flags and vinyl banners will be used again. Peace Corps posters will be laminated and carried on bamboo poles. James is preparing a prop that would carry the message of the theme of the Eugene Celebration this year, which is “Raise the Roof” (to benefit Habitat for Humanity). The Eugene Celebration management encourages parade participants to wear costumes; participants will be asked to wear either an item of traditional dress from their country of service or one of the new “Peace Corps Forever” tee shirts.

    2. Booth: Suggestions are to decorate with Peace Corps posters, hand out Peace Corps literature, sell 2013 Wisconsin International Calendars, sell WCPCA tee shirts, have a sign up sheet for new RPCVs and those interested in the Peace Corps, have a geography game on current and former PC countries, and have a world map with pins to show where local PCVs have served. Staffing of the booth is now in progress and there will be a sign up sheet at the picnic. The tent/booth will be set up on a trial basis in Dorothy’s backyard in mid August or possibly at the August 18th picnic. The set-up and takedown crew for the tent are to be determined.

  6. Peace Corps Partnership Project: The project that we funded in June, Community Cereal Bank in Kenya, has been cancelled. We can either redirect our $500 contribution to another project or ask the Peace Corps to return our funds. After discussion, those board members present agree, pending approval from a quorum of board members, to redirect the funds to the Rural Water System Development in Vanuatu. WCPCA has already donated $500 to this project, but it was felt that a working water system already under way was an important project to support. After polling board members, Miriam will contact the PCPP in Washington, DC to transfer our donation. [NOTE: Two additional board members approved the re-direction of funds, and PCPP was contacted on Monday, August 6, to approve the transfer.]

  7. 2013 International Calendars. Sale price of the calendars was set at $12 each, $10 each if 5 or more are purchased, and if the calendars are sold in local retail stores, the cost will be $8 each. These prices are the same as in previous years.

  8. WCPCA Leadership for 2013: By early November we need to identify WCPCA members who are willing to serve on the WCPCA board. This group should include all or most current members plus others who are interested in contributing to the leadership of the organization. Dorothy encouraged us to think about recruiting new board members and talk about this as we see one another at summer activities. We’ll talk in greater detail in September and October. The election of the 2013 board will take place at the December potluck. Maggie Kennan and Josette have indicated that they will not be continuing on the 2013 board. James plans to move to Newport within the next few months, but he is planning to continue on the board.

  9. Board meetings:

    September 10th, Monday, will be the first fall meeting.

    October 8th and November 5 were proposed for the next two meetings.

    All meetings will be at Dorothy’s house.

Respectfully submitted, August 28, 2012

Miriam Aiken, Secretary