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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, March 5, 2012

Location: Home of Dorothy Soper

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, Keith Beyer, James Cloutier, Josette Green, Dale Morse, Dorothy Soper,

Guest: Easther Chigumira, U of O student, Department of Geography, Zimbabwe

  1. Welcome to Easther.

  2. Updates:

    • Membership directory; other membership information. The membership directory was distributed to members in February. There are more bios for members in this issue. There are 148 members of WCPCA.

    • Planning for the summer campout. Felicia Kenny will add information to our web site to register for the summer campout.

    • March 10th northwest RPCV groups’ regional meeting in Seattle. Joe Hindman and James will attend. Darryl Johnson, a former US ambassador to Thailand, now the Northwest Regional Representative to the NPCA, will be there. He will be invited to attend a WCPCA event, perhaps the NOM potluck. Dorothy sent the Seattle group some suggested agenda items, which include the following:

      1. A schedule of events other Regional Meetings; she believes that WCPCA will be the host next year;

      2. Asked about selling our tee shirt at the meeting;

      3. Distribute summer campout information;

      4. Asked about the role of technology for group newsletters, membership database;

      5. Inquired about working relationship with NPCA;

      6. What cultural and social events do other groups have to both grow membership and perhaps do fund-raising?

      See attached paper copy.

    • Chefs’ Night Out. This is a WCPCA volunteer activity on April 10th; Vince Ceccacci will coordinate.

    • Potluck Program Schedule. Josette distributed a schedule of potlucks. (Attached paper copy.) The next one will be Friday, April 13th, at the home of George and Diane Jeffcott. The speaker will be Amy Small, RPCV, Jamaica. The NOM party will be in May and it will be Hannah’s responsibility to get the guest speaker.

    • Peace Corps’ 51st celebration on March 3 at Cozmic Pizza. This event was a fund-raiser for the Caranival Brasil at Cozmic Pizza for Bob Crites’ program,

      SHSKI. Wayne Thompson reported that seven RPCVs attended and they ssng Happy 51st Birthday to the Peace Corps.

    • Response to request for people to contribute ideas for a social/cultural/fundraising activity in February newsletter. Dorothy reported that there were no responses to this request.

    • The director of the Wesley Center invited WCPCA to a dinner on Wednesday, March 6, at 6:30 pm. He is inviting members of all groups who use the Center to come and meet each other.

  3. Treasurer’s report. Dale’s report notes the sums that will be available in 2012 in the restricted account for funding grants or contributing to the endowed account. On hand now is $621; 2012 expected distributions from Beryl’s account are $1,200. (One half of the funds will be received in June and the other half at the end of the year.) This will make a total of $1,800. We’ve budgeted $2,000 for grants to humanitarian projects in 2012. See item #7 about awarding grants.

    Checking account balance is $2,623.50

    Savings account balance is $4,038.88

    Total unrestricted funds are $6,662,38

    Total Restricted funds are $620.99

    The cost of printing 70 Forever Shirts was $10.99 per shirt or $769. This cost was added to the March 1 spreadsheet; it hasn’t yet been billed to WCPCA.

  4. U of O activities. Hannah sent no report.

  5. NPCA’s request to appoint a Group Advocacy Coordinator. Dorothy has requested information from the NPCA about what the position entails.

  6. Newsletter production. Deb Jones will enter copy into the template. Felicia will send the newsletter to our mailing list. Keith, Dorothy and Deb assembled the copy for March.

    Dorothy proposed that, in the short term, board members accept responsibility for articles for the newsletter that pertain to their work during the month after a meeting. There was a request in the March newsletter for volunteers to help with assembly and editing. Those on an editorial committee could alternate months in which they are responsible for this work. We need to agree on a newsletter length; the March issue required about 3 to 4 hours to produce for a 4-page newsletter, and that includes some travel time for Deb to come to Dorothy’s house for the first set up. Copy deadlines would be about 3 – 5 days before the end of each month.

  7. Funding humanitarian projects. Dorothy sent descriptions of PCP Projects organized by Oregon PCVs and any requests that we have received. The board reviewed the funding rubric of 2009 as it began its discussion. The board voted to grant $500 to a project for building a water supply system in Vanuatu and indicated a strong interest in funding a music project in Rwanda that is not yet posted on the Peace Corps website.  Both projects are being organized by PCVs from Oregon. The board will consider the project in Rwanda next month if it is posted. 

    Funds for the project in Vanuatu came from distributions of the Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund.  The Peace Corps Volunteer project director will be informed of this.

  8. The new Peace Corps Forever Tee Shirts. 70 shirts have been printed and are ready to go on sale. They are beautiful. We may want to add a tag that fully identifies WCPCA, gives the full citations for the quotations, and indicates how the proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be used. The board agreed:

    1. To allocate the profits from the sale of the shirts exclusively for humanitarian projects, such as Peace Corps Partnership Programs;

    2. To set prices based on production and mailing costs.

      • Cost of each shirt in the order of 70, $10.99

      • Cost of mailing one shirt: $3.14 plus envelope

      • Cost of mailing two shirts in one envelope, $5.20

      • Cost of using a Priority Mail box (free from P.O.) $15.45 (flat fee no matter the weight) will hold 15 shirts maximum.

      • The initial printing of 70 shirts will be offered at $20 each plus mailing costs for those that are mailed. A wholesale price of $16 each for quantities of a dozen or more will be available. Shipping costs for the latter will be $16 per box in a box that will hold 15 shirts maximum.

    3. To consider plans for national marketing such as an ad in World View magazine.

    4. To recruit two people to handle mailing shirts and pursuing marketing strategies.

  9. Discussion on presence in community, if time permits. Limited discussion on this topic. The question raised was about ways for our organization to become better known. Can we create a greater presence for WCPCA in our community? What volunteer activities can we participate in in addition to the two for Food for Lane County? Is there a fundraising/social/cultural activity that will attract a good turnout within and beyond the PC community? Other activities to consider: consider the “Statement of Principles” created by Lane County Network for Immigrant Integration.

  10. Board meeting dates:

    April board meeting will be on Monday, April 9th;

    May board meeting; Monday, May 14th; and,

    June board meeting: Monday June 11th.

    No date was set for the July meeting.

Addenda for March 5th meeting:

Background about selecting humanitarian projects to fund:

To prepare for this discussion, please read the introduction to the “Projects” page of the website, http://www.westcascadepca.org/projects.php, Agreed upon priorities are explained.

A few years ago the board adopted a “scoring rubric” to evaluate projects for funding. We’ll continue to use the rubric as a general guide but we’ve found recently that the categories in the rubric sometimes are not a good fit with the projects available for funding. Thus strict adherence may not be possible. In the introduction you’ll find links to the scoring rubric and also to the list of PCPP projects available for funding on the PC website.

Several boards in the past have reiterated an interest in funding PCPP projects organized by PCVs from Oregon and so I’ll send you a list of these projects. But board members are welcome to suggest other PCP projects or other types of projects.

In our goals for 2012 we allocated $2,000 to fund projects in 2012. Since WCPCA has 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS, we may fund only projects that also have that status. The PCPP projects qualify.

Recent fundraising outcomes:


Calendar sales: $702 profit from the sale of 200 calendars for the year 2010

Shirt sales: profit similar to figures below

Dinner at Mekala’s: $521 profit (This dinner was in February on the evening of the day that WCPCA hosted the northwest regional RPCV meeting.)


Calendar sales: $1,369 profit for sale of 200 calendars for the year 2011

Shirts: $280 profit

Bluegrass concert at Cozmic Pizza: $322 profit


Calendar sales: $747 profit for sale of 198 calendars for the year 2012. (A little more $ has come in.)

50th anniversary concert at Cozmic Pizza: great time but no profit .

50th anniversary tee shirts: 60 shirts printed; 58 sold; approximate profit $450-$500.

Note that calendars are sold from the fall of one year through January of the following year. For the calendar sales figures above I’ve combined the calendar income from two years to show the profit for the sale of calendars for a single year, i. e., for 2010 calendars, etc.

Respectfully submitted, March 13, 2012

Miriam Aiken, Secretary