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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, September 12, 2011

Location: Home of Dorothy Soper, 4430 Pinecrest Drive, Eugene, OR 97405

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, Nick Bosustow, James Cloutier, Maggie Keenan, Felicia Kenney, Dorothy Soper, Wayne Thompson

Agenda Items

  1. Updates

    1. Newsletter: Felicia reported that the new format seems to be working well.

    2. Correspondence:

      1. The thank you from the PCV in Peru who established the Peru cook stoves Partnership Project was in the September newsletter.

      2. Dorothy sent a 3-½-page letter to the University of Oregon about the Long House. She related WCPCA scheduling problems last fall and spring. She asked for a written statement on use of the facility as well as assurances of its care and maintenance for cleaning. She received a voice mail from Greg Rickoff in which he apologized for the lack of respect the group was shown but there has been no written communication. See attached Catch-up email from Dorothy.

      3. There were two emails from PCVs asking WCPCA support for their Partnership Projects. Discussed later in meeting; item 8.

    3. Membership: no report

    4. Question about liability: no report

  2. Google Items. From Felicia’s email of 9/14/11

    Felicia reported problems with a change in policy of Google Groups, which no longer allows administrators to add people directly to the group list. Dotster, our current website and domain host, has mailing list software that is not up to par. Felicia recommends that we change website and domain hosting to a company that has good mailing list software. Of the two options available, the less expensive company seems to be the one that best fits our needs. The new company, Site5, has good tech support and, we can get the best price if we pay for two years at a time. Felicia will sign up for Site5. It will cost $60 a year, instead of the current cost of $70. We pay for domain and web hosting space on a company server and pay separately, but usually with the same company, to tell the Internet that our domain name (www.whatever.com) is on their server. It is like paying for phone service with a cell phone company and paying a different company for a phone number to appear in the phone book.

  3. Debrief on Eugene Celebration. Parade. Nick reported that there was great audience response to WCPCA presence in the Eugene Celebration Parade. Nineteen (19) people marched and participants wore either country dress or the 50th tee shirt. WCPCA was so far at the end of the parade (number 63 out of 100 participants) that the parade had almost finished before we started moving. The taxi drew a lot of attention. In addition to the 19 participants carrying flags, several were displayed on the taxi. In all about 25 host-country flags were displayed.

    Booth. Miriam reported that the booth looked fantastic thanks to Vern Delk’s design and hard work. Peace Corps recruitment brochures were displayed, as well as copies of the 50th insert from the Eugene Weekly, and colorful displays of 2012 International Calendar and tee shirts for sale. The main attraction was a world map that showed past and current Peace Corps countries, sites that received grants from WCPCA, as well as the popular option to add a pin for RPCV country of service.

    Dorothy will write a letter to the organizers to explains some of our concerns about the location of the booth, which was away from the main flow of foot traffic

  4. Treasurer’s Report. Dale was out of town but sent a report with balances as follows: Checking: $574.00; Savings: $5,034; Restricted: $1,025.

  5. Fall Program Plans. The next potluck is October 7 at the Wesley Center near the U of O campus on Kincaid Street. Maggie commented that usually at this event a recently returned PCV who is a U of O student speaks and shows slides. However, the Peace Corps Recruiter at the U of O has not been able to identify anyone. Maggie suggested two possibilities instead of a PCV. One suggestion is Awab al-Rawe, of Iraq. He is a student at the U of O who was in Iraq during the war; he immigrated to Syria, and came to the US on a student visa. He is a very enthusiastic young man and can be flexible in his topic. Another suggestion is Enrique Fernandez, who is from Cuba. As Hispanics are the largest minority group in major US cities and since Peace Corps has a large presence in Latin America, he can offer a perspective on what Peace Corps has to offer. After discussion, the board asked Maggie to extend an invitation to Enrique.

  6. Opportunity to sell items at NPCA Hospitality Suite in September. This item was not discussed.

  7. Request from Food for Lane County. Sheyla Norte of Food for Lane County asked WCPCA for help with clean up after the “Empty Bowls” event on Saturday, October 1st. The work party reports at 8:30 to enjoy some of the buffet by the King Estate Winery and then cleanup is from 9:00 – 11:00 pm. This is a major fundraiser for Food for Lane County and WCPCA has joined the clean up crew for several years. An announcement and request for help will be made in the mid-month newsletter. James will be the contact person for this event. People who are interested in helping should contact Sheyla at (541) 343-2822. See attached Catch-up email from Dorothy.

  8. Request from Oregon PCVs in Peru for a PCPP. WCPCA received requests from two Oregon PCVs who are serving in Peru and have announced a PCPP. One request is for Camp ALMA (#7527-066), a leadership camp for girls, organized by Annie Embertson from Roseburg, and the other is for a 2010 Calendar project (#527-067) organized by Dani Reuter of Portland that features female entrepreneurs in Peruvian villages. Felicia made a motion that was seconded and passed by a voice vote to give a grant of $500 to both projects.

  9. Sale of 2012 International Calendars. We ordered 150 International calendars and only a few have been sold. We will start to sell them at the potluck on Oct. 7. James will see if any can be sold through the Rotary by asking Tom English how to approach that organization. Some were sold at bookstores last year. Someone needs to approach the bookstores and ask if they are will. (The procedure is that the bookstore buys a quantity of calendars at $8 each and sells them for $12 each.) There will be an article in the October newsletter.

  10. Possible affiliation of PCPCA with one or more peace organizations in Eugene. Links to two peace organizations in Eugene were circulated with the agenda for this meeting: http://www.calclane.org/index/html and http://www.mrgfoundation.org/ (McKenzie River Gathering). This item was postponed to the next meeting for discussion. In the meantime, board members should look at the web sites in preparation for a discussion about possible affiliation.

  11. Election of a new board in November. The October newsletter will announce that a slate for a new board is being prepared and we are inviting interested people to let us know of their willingness to participate. There was a brief discussion about forming a Nominating Committee. The election of the new board takes place in November at the Annual General Meeting. Dorothy also asked that the board consider who would be willing to serve as president next year. She will stay on the board but not as president.

  12. The October board meeting will be October 17 at Dorothy’s home.

Respectfully submitted, September 17, 2011

Miriam Aiken, Secretary