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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, November 15, 2010

Location:Home of Felicia Kenney

Attendees: Miriam Aiken, Keith Beyer, James Cloutier, Maggie Keenan, Felicia Kenney, Jack Meacham, Wendy Nelson, Rosa Sakanishi, Dorothy Soper, Wayne Thompson, Bob Watada

  1. President James Cloutier opened the meeting at 7:10 PM. There were no additions to the agenda.

  2. Dorothy Soper informed us that several members of WCPCA have renewed their memberships recently. Additionally, about 6 new members have joined through the first-year-free option. Our current membership is approximately 130.

  3. Felicia Kenney plans to have the new member directory out in 1-2 weeks. The directory is updated every 6 months.

  4. Plans for the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration

    • Maggie Keenan is meeting with Andy Behl, the speaker from the November potluck, to discuss marketing strategies for the 50th celebration on March 1, 2011.

    • Maggie and Wayne Thompson are compiling 50 facts relating to the Peace Corps in Eugene. For example, the first PC baby lives in Eugene. Anyone with knowledge of interesting PC facts should relay them to Maggie or Wayne.

    • Maggie has received a very positive response from Eugene Magazine about the possibility of running a story about the 50th celebration. She will keep us informed as details become available.

    • Maggie and Wayne are hoping to engage local businesses in the area of Broadway & Willamette, to help with the festivities on March 1. Voodoo Donuts has expressed interest in developing a Peace Corps donut.

    • The Eugene Weekly will include a 4-page insert on February 17, with information about local RPCVs and details about the 50th celebration.

    • The evening celebration on March 1 was discussed. Wayne presented the options of hiring out the Vet’s club for the evening or holding an event at Cozmic Pizza. After a group discussion, it was decided that Cozmic Pizza was more appropriate to our needs. Felicia moved that the 3/1 evening event be held at Cozmic Pizza. Jack Meacham seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

  5. We discussed four Peace Corps Partnership Projects that are looking for funding, all with ties to Oregon. After some discussion, it was decided to give $700 to a clean water project in Madagascar and $300 to an English language library project in the Ukraine. Wayne moved to approve the two projects, Felicia seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. Full descriptions of the projects may be found on the PC website under PC partnership projects.

  6. We have 67 calendars left to sell. James plans to approach local Rotary clubs and the UO International center.

  7. We are still in need of a reliable, consistently available projector to use for our presentations. For the November potluck, we rented a projector from Oregon Toxics Alliance, which will rent its projector for a low fee to other nonprofit organizations. Dorothy has approached several local non-profit groups about borrowing and/or renting their projectors occasionally. We also plan to post a notice in the upcoming newsletter, in case anyone in our membership can help with this need. Additionally, Dorothy will look into the possibility of applying for a grant to cover the cost of buying a projector.

  8. The WCPCA has been invited to give a presentation at a League of Women Voters of Lane County luncheon in the spring. It was suggested that we adapt the upcoming OLLI presentation. Felicia will work with Dorothy to work out the details. Dorothy moved that we accept the invitation for April 21, 2011. Bob Watada seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, December 6, at the home of Maggie Keenan, 2252 Pierce Street.

Next Potluck: TBD

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Wendy Nelson.