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Minutes Of The WCPCA Board Meeting, August 16, 2010

Location: Home of Benj & JoAnne Epstein

Attendees: James Cloutier, Vern Delk, George Jeffcott, Maggie Keenan, Felicia Kenney, Michael Kresko, Jack Meacham, Wendy Nelson, Rosa Sakanishi, Dorothy Soper, Bob Watada

  1. President James Cloutier opened the meeting at 7:15 PM. Vern Delk was added to the agenda.

  2. Vice President’s Report:

    • Dorothy Soper reported that our current membership totals about 115.

    • There was a discussion of the NPCA’s new policy of offering a free membership to any first time member, regardless of how long ago they served. Dorothy moved that the WCPCA adopt the same policy. The motion was seconded, and carried unanimously.

    • Dorothy suggested that we may hold a Peace Corps night at a local sporting event as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations. James will consult with Justin and look into the feasibility of such an event.

  3. Treasurer’s Report:

    • Jack Meacham shared the OCF update which he receives quarterly.

    • Revisions to the treasurer’s report were discussed and approved. They include:

      • Jack will continue to email all board members a monthly report of our financial holdings.

      • The complete treasurer’s report will be presented 5-6 times a year, with a supplemental report if there are significant changes between regular reports.

  4. Plans for the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration

    Maggie Keenan presented the ongoing plans of the March One Committee. The committee’s current updates were as follows:

    • Maggie and Wayne met with Mayor Kitty Piercy on July 27, and received a very enthusiastic response. They then met with Bobbie Moser, the Eugene Community Events Manager, who suggested they meet with Beth Little, the Executive Director Of the Saturday Market. That meeting will take place shortly.

    • Maggie is leading the planning efforts for the noon gathering downtown on March 1, 2011. Wayne is leading the planning efforts for the evening event at the Vet’s Club on the same day.

    • Maggie and Felicia will set up a Facebook event page to build awareness of both events, and to gauge an idea of how many attendees to expect.

    • Maggie and James will design a flyer to be handed out at the Eugene Celebration. James will also design a new banner to be carried in the parade and used at future events.

    • Jack moved to adopt Maggie’s proposed name of Peace Corps 50: JFK’s Dream Lives On in order to brand the event. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

    • Felicia moved to allocate $350 from the 2010 WCPCA budget to cover expenses. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

    • Maggie will create a list of tasks to be completed next, and share them at the next board meeting.

  5. OLLI Presentation Update

    Dorothy reported that the OLLI presentation committee has decided on a panel format for their presentation. It will consist of a moderator and four speakers. The moderator will introduce the topic and show a short DVD about the Peace Corps today. He/she will then ask for audience perspectives of the Peace Corps, after which the four speakers will each give a 5 minute presentation about their own Peace Corps experience. This will be followed by a question and answer session.

    The possibility of recording the presentation was raised, for inclusion on the WCPCA website.

    It was suggested that this format could be used for future speaking engagements.

    The board indicated its approval of the format.

  6. Felicia brought up the different methods of notifying WCPCA members of community events, such as WCPCA Nights Out. It was agreed that upcoming events will continue to be posted in the newsletter if there is sufficient time. For spur-of-the-moment events, Felicia will send an email to WCPCA members one week in advance of the event.

  7. Eugene Celebration:

    • James mentioned the need for WCPCA members to staff the booth at the Eugene Celebration on August 28-29. Several board members signed up to work 2-hour shifts.

    • The parade organizers have not yet sent information regarding WCPCA’s starting time. James will share the information as soon as he receives it.

  8. James reported that we have sold 57 calendars so far, which is over 25% of our total stock.

  9. Vern Delk reported that the RPCV campout at Crane Prairie was a great success. All of the 15 reserved campsites were filled, and there were 50-60 people in attendance.

    Vern brought up the idea of writing a Peace Corps anthem. Board members are requested to send possible song ideas to him, and he will forward them to a songwriter of his acquaintance.

  10. The next potluck will be held on October 8, most likely in the UO Longhouse. Maggie and her daughter will present about their recent trip to the Philippines. There will also be a presentation by a newly returned RPCV (to be identified by Justin) about his/her project. Newly returned RPCVs and potential PCVs will be encouraged to attend.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, September 20, at the home of George Jeffcott.

Next Potluck: October 8, location TBD (probably the UO Longhouse).

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Wendy Nelson.