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WCPCA Board Meeting Minutes - February 17, 2010

Place: Jack and Mary Meacham's Residence

Attending: Felicia Kenney, Justin Overdevest, Wayne Thomson, George Jeffcott, Rolly Thompson, Jack Meacham, Shannon Micheel, Evangelina Sundgrenz, Dorothy Soper, Maggie Kennan, James Cloutier, John Hofer, Geoff Walser.

  1. President James Cloutier opened the meeting at 7pm. The minutes of the previous meeting were circulated and approved by the board before the current meeting. No additions were made to the agenda.

    1. Rolly Thompson announced that Eugene Celebration would be held Aug. 27-29, 2010.

    2. There was discussion of Kathy Lynn's request for WCPCA to help publicize her Haiti fundraising event on www.espwafeviv.com.

      James Cloutier made a motion that the WCPCA publicize the "Espwafeviv" Haiti fundraising event in the newsletter urging members to donate. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously. The Board also agreed to send to the people on its emailing list information about the fundraiser and to encourage members to participate.

      Jack Meacham made a motion that the WCPCA give a $100 donation to Espwafeviv on the basis that Kathy Lynn is a RPCV and her work for the Haiti relief effort fits the WCPCA's partnership program. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

    3. Shannon Micheel gave an update on the blue grass concert social evening and fundraiser at Cosmic Pizza in April. After discussing how the event could at least breakeven or better, Jack Meacham made a motion that the WCPCA allocate up to $250 to cover the costs of the event. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

  2. Vice President Dorothy Soper requested the Board to consider a policy allocating all donations to WCPCA to the "restricted" account at OCCU. Funds in this account may be used only for grants or to augment the principal of the endowed fund at OCF. All donations are now placed in the regular OCCU account unless a donor specifically asks for them to be placed in the restricted account. Dorothy felt that this change would encourage more people to donate to the organization. After some discussion, the Board decided to table this policy issue until its March meeting.

  3. Treasurer Jack Meacham reported that as of February 17, 2010:

    • Oregon Community Credit Union General Fund (unrestricted) (checking, savings), $7270
    • Oregon Community Credit Union Beryl Memorial Fund (restricted), $1590
    • Total (excluding $25,000 Oregon Community Foundation principal), $8860
    • Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation: $26,020.45

  4. Peace Corps 50th Anniversary: Wayne Thompson and Justin Overdevest reported on their recent meeting with U of O officials regarding the University's excellent likelihood to sponsor a visit to the University by PC Director, Aaron Williams in 2011 as part of WCPCA's celebration of Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary. Wayne and Justin described the University's interest in inviting the PC Director as a keynote speaker and organizing a symposium on international topics around his visit. The goods news is that the PC Director is likely to come in the Spring of 2011 and that the WCPCA can take advantage by taking part in the symposia. The bad news is that the PC Director's visit cannot be connected with any kind of fundraiser event. Wayne believes that the WCPCA can work this event to its advantage. Maggie Keenan, George Jeffcott, Rolly Thompson and John Hofer volunteered to work with Wayne in "driving forward" with U of O officials in making this event happen.

    Rolly Thompson made a motion that the Board accept Wayne's report and agree to support the University's effort to stage the Spring of 2011 event that will be centered around the Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

    The Board then discussed possibilities for the WCPCA to sponsor a dinner as a social event and fundraiser to celebrate the Peace Corps' 50th. After considering a number of potential sites and associated costs, the Board decided to revisit this fundraising possibility at its March meeting when more will be known about the possible U of O international symposia.

    James Cloutier said that he will see if he can identify members who may be interested in working on a fundraiser/dinner. The Board agreed, with Justin's approval, to extend its provisional reservation of the EMU ballroom on April 9, 2011 until the Board meets in March to revisit this subject.

  5. Activities chairman Felicia Kenney said that the plans of the committee will be in the next newsletter. She has made contact with a couple of people for the Activities Committee. The plan is that the committee will be mostly by email. Felicia said the responsibilities will be for members to sponsor events and to be available to help with events. The WCPCA had a potluck in January. Dorothy Soper announced that the April potluck would be on the Friday, April 30th and that Nancy Hughes, founder of Stove Team International, will provide the program. There may be a bluegrass fundraiser in April. The NOM party is scheduled for Friday, May 21st. The WCPCA summer schedule will likely include a potluck and/or picnic in early July.

  6. Dorothy Soper reported that the WCPCA now has 117 members.

  7. Shannon Micheel said that there will be a notice in the March newsletter asking members to identify potential PC Partnership Projects to which to donate.

  8. The Board agreed to reimburse James Cloutier for his expenses going to the Group Leaders' Regional Meeting in Portland, January 29 and 30.

Meeting was adjourned at 9pm.

Next Board meeting. Date: 3/10/10 Location: Open
Next potluck: Date: 4/30/10 Location: Open

Minutes submitted by Board Secretary, Geoff Walser