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WCPCA Board Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2009

Attending: Felicia Kenney, Rolly Thompson, Shannon Micheel, Wayne Thompson, Bob Watada, Jack Meacham, Justin Overdevest, James Cloutier, Maggie Kennan, Dorothy Soper, Rosa Sakanishi

Rolly presided at the meeting. Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and approved via email.

  1. Dorothy reported that current membership is 113. She estimated that membership dues for 2010 would be the following.

    Membership categories are individual, family, first year returned, and student. People in the last two categories don't pay dues. Annual individual memberships cost $15 and family memberships cost $22. Estimates for 2010 assume that all those currently paying membership dues will renew. Other members are not included because they don't pay dues. Some paying members will drop out and new members will join. For this first estimate we're assuming that those two figures will cancel each other out.

    Estimated dues income for 2010:

    • Renewals of 58 individuals @ $15: $870
    • Renewals of 22 family memberships @ $22: $484
    • Total: $1,354

    Currently six members (five individuals and one couple) do not have email addresses. The cost of mailing them paper copies of the monthly newsletter and two membership directories this year was approximately $15 each. Thus their dues were almost completely allocated to copying and mailing costs.

    In the last month there were several renewals through both the national organization and locally and one new membership. At this time 27 WCPCA members belong to the national organization.

  2. Treasurer's report: Jack circulated the treasurer's report via email. It was approved by the board. For the December board meeting Jack will prepare a draft budget for 2010. Current account balances are:

    • OCCU, checking and savings accounts: $5,130
    • OCCU, restricted account available to fund humanitarian programs: $1,153.
    • Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund at OCF: $25,000

  3. Felicia reported that she has updated the website by putting thank you letters from Bob Crites and the PC Partnership Program on them. These letters are in response to our funding two humanitarian programs last month.

    We talked about putting a page on the website to give background information about Beryl and her humanitarian work. James and Artis will continue to work on this and send information to Felicia.

  4. Justin explained that he is working with Barbara Jenkins of the Knight Library staff at the U of O to plan for a display there in the spring, 2011, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. The space is already reserved. The board enthusiastically supported this idea and pledged support. Several board members offered to loan artifacts for the display.

  5. Dorothy asked the board to review the draft of the 2009 WCPCA annual report that she had sent out via email and let her know of omissions, corrections, etc. She'll cirulate it to the board soon.

  6. We planned the agenda for the December 9th board meeting which will be a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming boards. The agenda will include at least:

    • goal setting for 2010
    • organizing the committees; defining their tasks; reviewing their membership and making plans to recruit more members for the committees as necessary
    • Jack will present a draft budget for 2010. Discussion thereof.

    The meeting will be at Shannon and Michael's home, 7:00 pm.

  7. Shannon reminded us that WCPCA will have a booth at the Holiday Market at the Lane County Fairgrounds on the weekend of December 12th and 13th. Setup will be on December 11th. We'll sell calendars and tee shirts and distribute PC literature at the booth. Several board members signed up to work at the booth. Shannon will ask for more help at the November potluck. She and Michael are organizing this activity.

  8. We talked about additional ways that we are selling calendars. Some are being placed in local stores. Some members are selling them personally. They'll be available for purchase at potlucks and their availability was advertised in the newsletter and is also advertised on the website. The calendar sale is our primary fund raiser this year.

  9. James asked the board to support his writing a new edition of The Funniest Job You'll Ever Love, An anthology of Peace Corps Humor. WCPCA published a 1991 edition of the book which he coauthored with Beryl Brinkman. James and Felicia plan to work to collect stories from current WCPCA members and other RPCVs. The book would be published on an “on demand” basis. The board agreed to support this effort but didn't review costs.

  10. We discussed changing the format of the newsletter so that it has only a short introduction to the articles in the text and then links to more information. We agreed that the newsletter has become too long to have full articles one after the other. We think that few people can wade through all of the information.

    Maggie will pass along to Felicia information about a website that offers some suggestions for this method. Felicia is willing to try this new approach.

  11. James asked the board to consider a new tee shirt design to celebrate the PC's 50th anniversary. He showed his idea for one. The board liked the idea of putting out such a new shirt and also liked James' suggestion of a design but wants James to develop it somewhat.

    The design features a quotation from John Kennedy. We need to verify its source. Some board members were concerned with the wording. The board agreed to discuss both points further.

  12. Shannon brought up an idea for a fundraiser at Cosmic Pizza featuring a blue grass band whose leader she knows. The board liked the idea in general. Wayne suggested that the fundraising committee meet to talk about her idea and make recommendations for an overall approach to fundraising as well as specific fundraising actvities in 2010. The board endorsed this approach to planning fundraising for the coming year.

  13. The board postponed to its January meeting talking about the project of PCV Audrey Squires in Guatemala. Dorothy will contact the president of Friends of Guatemala to talk about how that group goes about funding PC projects including this one. Audrey is a PCV from Springfield who wrote an article about her project that appeared recently in the RG.

  14. The next board meeting will be on Wednesday, December 9th, 7:00 pm at the home of Shannon Micheel and Michael Kresko. This will be a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming boards.

Minutes by Dorothy