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WCPCA Board Meeting Minutes - February 9, 2009

Board members present: Wayne Thompson, Rolly Thompson, Rob Dwan, Evangelina Sundgrenz, Jack Meacham, James Cloutier, Shannon Micheel, Michael Kresko, and Felicia Kenney

Minutes for the January meeting had been circulated via email and approved.

  1. President- no announcements

  2. Treasurer: The Board agreed that Rob and/ or Dorothy, in consultation with Jack, if possible, have permission to sell the bond with Edward Jones when/ if necessary.

  3. Communications:The new business cards distributed to board members. Members admired the layout and colors and would like to thank Evangelina for her efforts in designing the cards, getting quotes and handling all the details. Evangelina will get quotes for bumper stickers; we would give them out to paid members who come to potlucks and sell the remaining for $1.

    The board also had numerous positive comments on the new web page design and thanks Felicia for all her creative efforts.

    Finally, the board would like to acknowledge Dorothy Soper and Felicia for the energy and detail they put into the West Cascade Membership Directory. It will prove to be useful to the board and membership as well.

  4. Partnership Project: The board discussed which projects to fund and each member cast a vote. The decision was to split the $1000 for the Guatemala and Tanzania projects from the PCVs from OR. Shannon will call and request info regarding how to get our info to the volunteers.

    Shannon will develop a rough draft for a standardized scoring formula to determine funding such as, sustainability, life saving resources, community contribution percentage, completion potential, size of grant. Jack will send Shannon previous work on this issue the board addressed last year as a way to begin.

  5. Regional meeting: reviewed agenda for regional meeting on February 21st 12-5pm. Evangelina will organize main dish to supplement potluck dishes.

  6. Fundraiser dinner: Feb 21st to raise money for partnership projects, Mekala's 6:30 pm buffet. Felicia will post and send out email announcement and Wayne will receive RSVPs. $20 agreed to charge / $12 for food and $8 partnership project.

  7. Newsletter: Felicia discussed possibility of starting a networking group.

  8. Sub-committees:
    Activities - Artis looking for Co-Chair
    Community Involvement - Rob and Benj

    These names can be added to the others already on the website for subcommittees.

  9. Recruiting: recruit membership for involvement in subcommittees at next potluck (i.e. ideas)

  10. Felicia to devote page on website to Beryl and her memorial fund.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, March 9, 7:00pm, home of Artis Spriggs.

Next Potluck: Friday, March 13th, at the home of Rob and Mary Dwan, 6:00 pm. Presentation: Hannah Klausman, Mongolia, 2006-2008

Minutes by Michael


As of 2/10/09 WCPCA has 83 members with two new members joining this month.