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2009 Annual Report

The mission of WCPCA is to promote humanitarian and educational programs in connection with accomplishing the third goal of the Peace Corps as mandated by Congress in 1961, "To promote a better understanding of other people on the part of the American people." The board's work to pursue the mission and carry out the goals that it set for 2009 is listed below.

The WCPCA board met monthly to conduct the organization's business. Meetings were open to the full membership.

Goal #1: Continue bimonthly potlucks with a program

Dinner potlucks were held in January, March, October, and November. For the first three, speakers described their PC projects in Cameroon, Mongolia, and Jordan. At the November potluck the speaker described an NGO, TARIRO, in Zimbabwe which she has founded and which funds the education of orphans of HIV/AIDS.

In May the NOM party and potluck was held at the Many Nations Longhouse, University of Oregon campus, to celebrate the new PC nominees. The program introduced those attending to the cultures of Turkey, Haiti, and China. In July a potluck picnic lunch was held at Tugman Park in Eugene. The program consisted of lawn games.

In sum, six potlucks were held in the months of January, March, May, July, October, and November. Of this number three were held in private homes; one in a park; and two at the Many Nations Longhouse on the U of O campus. Programs explained a PC program or offered insights into a culture in a PC service country. Potlucks at the Longhouse were designed to attract students who are RPCVs or aspiring PCVs. These potlucks were cosponsored by the U of O Peace Corps recruiter's office and WCPCA.

Goal #2: Spend $1,000 to fund one or more humanitarian projects by March

WCPCA awarded $2,000 in grants to the four humanitarian projects listed below. Awards were made in February and October. Three projects are Peace Corps Partnership projects in which an Oregon PCV is involved. SHSKI is organized by a former PCV who is a WCPCA member.

  • Bore Hole Project in Kumasi, Ghana, $750
  • Community Library Project, Guatemala, $500
  • Medical Staff Housing for a Village Dispensary, Tanzania, $500
  • Students Helping Street Kids International (SHSKI) in Receife, Brazil, $250.

Goal #3: Identify fundraising ideas and find people willing to pursue them

The primary fundraising activities for 2009 were a Thai dinner at Mekala's Restaurant in Eugene and the sale of tee shirts, cards, and calendars throughout the year. Members of the fundraising committee organized these activities.

WCPCA members sold 200 international calendars for 2009 in the fall of 2008 and early 2009. In the fall of 2009 the organization sold another 200 calendars for 2010. Sales were made by individual members, at the organization's social gatherings, from the website, at local stores, and at the organization's booth at the Saturday and Holiday Markets in Eugene.

Net earnings from the sale of 2010 calendars was $1,247 and from the sale of the 2009 calendars $1,059. The Mekala's dinner netted $521.

A total of $441 was donated primarily by members.

Goal #4: Identify local service projects for members of WCPCA to take part in as a group

WCPCA members volunteered to work at two Food for Lane County fundraisers: Chef's Night Out in March and Empty Bowls in October. Approximately ten WCPCA members worked at each event.

Outreach activities

In January WCPCA had a booth for several hours at the Eugene International High School's "Africa Celebration". We displayed artifacts and distributed information about Africa and the Peace Corps and answered students' questions.

In February WCPCA hosted the meeting of the northwest regional RPCV organizations. Joe Hindman, WCPCA member and NPCA representative for the western region, presided. The WCPCA group was well represented by 13 members and guests. Members of other western region organizations who came were: Richard Ireland of the Columbia River RPCVA, Portland, OR, Sam Greer from Boise, Idaho, Aileen Lie, Paulette Thompson (Seattle liaison to the NPCA board), and Joana Ramos from the Seattle, WA, RPCV organization, SEAPAX. We met at the EWEB's Community Room and provided a potluck lunch.

In May the PC recruiter at the U of O organized a group of WCPCA members to have dinner together and attend the U of O lecture of Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea.

WCPCA had a booth at the Saturday Market in Eugene on two Saturdays in August where we introduced the organization and the PC to shoppers. Calendars and shirts were on sale and PC literature was available.

In August the Regional Campout was held at Bridge Creek, a group site in the Wenatchee National Forest, WA, with SEAPAX as host. A regional meeting was held and WCPCA was represented by two members.

In September WCPCA members took part in the Eugene Celebration parade and staffed a booth on two days. At the booth volunteers answered questions, sold calendars, cards, and shirts, and distributed PC literature.

WCPCA members supported the work of the U of O campus PC recruiter by helping staff the PC booth at Street Faires on the U of O campus in the spring and fall, cooperating on the organization and funding of the NOM party in the spring, and holding the October potluck on the U of O campus. The recruiter identified recently returned PCVs to present programs at the potlucks.


The Communications Coordinator redesigned the website and kept it up to date, set up Google mailing lists for board use, offered two computer classes for members, and compiled articles for and sent out a monthly newsletter via email . The newsletter is distributed to members plus another 100 people who want information but haven't joined. She set up the website to display the merchandise that we have for sale and arranged for purchases and membership dues to be paid through Paypal on the website. In January and August she organized and emailed the membership directory as a .pdf file to members.

Other members of the Communications Committee wrote articles and identified other material for the newsletter. Notice of the potlucks was submitted to local newspapers.

The board canceled the organization's message phone since very few calls were made to it. WCPCA has an email account to receive general inquiries. This email address is posted on the website and the account is monitored by a member of the Communications Committee.


Membership rose from 87 to 115 in 2009. New members joined primarily as a result of outreach activities and a large mailing in June. In that month we mailed 290 letters to RPCVs in the area who were listed in the newly issued national directory and who were not already members. Approximately 270 letters were delivered. We asked recipients to join and/or make a donation. As a result of the mailing, 14 individuals and 4 couples joined the organization for an increase of 22 in the membership.

One local RPCV who was in the process of moving made a donation but didn't join. Seven people made donations totaling $155 as a result of the mailing.

All but five WCPCA members have email addresses allowing us to reach most members by email and keep communications' costs low. This, in turn, has permitted the board to keep the dues' level low. We believe that this has contributed significantly to the rise in membership.

Members without an email address receive the newsletter, the membership directory, and occasional other items in paper form by regular mail. The annual cost per person for this mailing is approximately $15.

WCPCA charges $15 for an annual individual membership and $22 for a family membership. Students and RPVCs in the first year after their service are exempt from paying dues.

Our dues structure is parallel to that of the National Peace Corps Association which charges $15 to join an affiliate such as WCPCA. National offers no family membership and sends a rebate of $15 to WCPCA for each individual who joins WCPCA along with taking out a membership in national. National also offers a one year free membership in an affiliate to newly returned volunteers.

About 30 WCPCA members belong to the national organization; 5-8 members through the year have been exempt from paying dues.

Financial matters

In October WCPCA created the Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation with a deposit of $25,000. This is an endowed fund whose principal will not be spent. Use of the annual distributions will be restricted to funding humanitarian projects or increasing the principal in the fund. The fund was made possible by three generous gifts to WCPCA. Prior to our creating it the money was invested in a bond which yielded interest that was used for grants.

The treasurer consulted IRS publication #526, "Charitable Contributions," and learned that membership dues paid to WCPCA as well as donations are tax deductible. This information has been sent to all members and is included in the welcome email sent to new members.

Income consisted of dues, donations, fundraising profit, and interest from accounts and an investment. Fixed expenses funded online communications, some phone service, and legal fees. Variable expenses were for outreach activities, membership service, potlucks on the U of O campus, and grants.

Income from membership dues and donations was approximately $1,500 and interest from an investment was approximately $1,000. Other expenses were paid for by receipts from fundraising. The full financial report for 2009 is available from the treasurer.

Expenses in 2009:

General accounts at OCCU:

  • Fixed expenses: $517
  • Variable expenses excluding a grant: $ 3,496
  • Grant of $1,000

Total: $5,013

Restricted account at OCCU:

  • Expenses including a second grant of $1,000: $1,005

Grand total for expenses: $6,018

Income in 2009:

Income to both general and restricted accounts at OCCU in 2009: $10,747

Balance in WCPCA's Oregon Community Credit Union accounts on 12/31/09: $8,473.

Officers and at-large board members for 2009

  • Officers
    • President: James Cloutier - Kenya (1964-66)
    • Vice President: Rolly Thompson - Peru (1964-66)
    • Treasurer: Jack Meacham - Turkey (1967-69)
    • Secretary: Dorothy Soper - Ghana (1963-65)
    • Communications Coordinator: Felicia Kenney - Benin (2003-04)
    • Ex Officio: University of Oregon Peace Corps Recruiter: Justin Overdevest - Dominican Republic (2002-04)/Peru (2004-06)
  • At-large members
    • Robert Dwan - Uganda (1966-68)
    • Maggie Keenan - Philippines (1987-90)
    • Michael Kresko - Russia/Seychelles (1995-97/1994-95)
    • Shannon Micheel - Dominican Republic (1995-97)
    • Evangelina Sundgrenz - Uzbekistan (2000-01)
    • Wayne Thompson - Peru (1964-66)
    • Bob Watada - Peru (1964-66)