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Board Meeting - November 5, 2008

Minutes for the board meeting of 11/05/08
at the home of Shannon Micheel and Michael Kresko

Attending: Rolly Thompson, Jack Meacham, Felicia Kenney, Michael Kresko, Shannon Micheel, Wayne Thompson, James Cloutier, Dorothy Soper

Rolly chaired the meeting since James had to leave after the first hour.

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and approved by email.

  1. We discussed the treasurer's report. Evangelina (the treasurer) was unable to attend the meeting. We have questions regarding the balance in the money market account at Edward Jones and in the checking account at OCCU. Dorothy will contact Evangelina with our questions. Her replies will be posted as an addendum to the minutes. See below.

  2. Dorothy reported that WCPCA has 63 members. She's sent an email to the members who renewed their membership directly with WCPCA early in 2008 and thus paid the old and higher dues rate. She informed them that the board will extend each of these memberships for a second year. (She's received very kind replies to many of these emails.)

    Note that people who renewed their WCPCA membership through the national RPCV organization paid the lower rate and thus their memberships are not extended for a second year.

    Dorothy is in the process of sending an email to each member whose membership will expire in November or December of 2008 as well as others whose membership is delinquent urging them all to renew. We're hoping to maintain current members as well as add new ones to our organization. We're especially hoping that students who don't have to pay a membership fee will be encouraged to join.

  3. Felicia is working on a new design for our website. She showed us one of her ideas. She'll continue to work on this project. The board applauds her creativity and energy!!

  4. Dorothy and Evangelina have proposed some changes to the constitution and by laws to reflect better our current mode of operation and clarify our responsibilities to the IRS and the Oregon Department of Revenue. The board approved, with thanks, the proposed changes which have already been circulated. With approval of these minutes the proposed changes will be distributed to the membership in the newsletter and posted on the website for the general membership to read.

  5. Dorothy gave a report from Justin Overdevest, the U of O PC recruiter, who suggests that the board consider as a fundraiser selling refreshments at one or more of the U of O athletic events. This would be a commitment from several members for a single event with the possibility of raising $300 to $500.

    The board expressed interest in this especially if some of the younger members of the organization will take part. The fundraising committee will inquire further into this possibility.

  6. The sale of 200 international calendars from the RPCV group in Madison, WI is our main fundraiser for 2008. We spent a little over $800 to purchase 200 calendars. We hope that our net earnings from selling them will be over $1,000.

    Rolly described her efforts to sell calendars at various meetings that she attends and urged other WCPCA members to try this. Some local businesses are selling calendars on our behalf. We've sold about half of the calendars already.

    Rolly and James have reserved two days at the Holiday Market, Saturday and Sunday, November 22nd and 23rd, for us to have a table to sell both calendars and shirts. Shopping hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    Logistics: We have to supply our own signs, table, and chairs. A set up team will begin at about 9:00 am on Saturday to set up. The board is looking for members who are willing to donate 2 to 3 hours each to staff our table on one or both of these days. (You can combine this with your own holiday shopping.) Signups will be sought via the website and also at the November 14th potluck. We'll need a break down team to take everything away at 6:00 pm on Sunday. If you can help please email or call Rolly.

  7. We planned our November 14th potluck which is also the annual general meeting required by our constitution. James will be the greeter at the door. In addition to the usual name tags we'll have sign ups for work times at the Holiday Market, the annual financial report, and proposed changes to the constitution and bylaws to distribute. Note that the items that we'll vote on as well as the annual financial report will also have been posted on the website.

    After dinner we'll have a very short business meeting of which the agenda will be:

    1. introduce all of those attending and note who is running for the board
    2. have a vote on accepting the nominees for the 2008-2009 board by acclamation
    3. have a vote by show of hands to approve the proposed changes in the bylaws and constitution. These are accepted with a majority vote.
    4. verify that those attending picked up a copy of the annual financial report which will also be available on the web. Discussion of the report will take place at the December board meeting which is open at all members.

    The above should take no more than ten minutes. Then Justin Overdevest will begin the program.

  8. Dorothy reported on the bond that we have through Edward Jones Investments. In October the board authorized her and Rob Dwan to follow the bond price and sell the bond when they believe that the price is favorable. We'd like to sell it for its face value or close to that. But the bond's value has dipped in recent weeks as a result of the general financial turmoil. The purpose for selling is to use the money to create an endowed fund with the Oregon Community Foundation. We call this fund "Beryl's Memorial Fund."

    WCPCA paid $20,000 for the bond in April, 2008. It has an annual interest rate of 6.05%. The bond's value as of 10/31/08 was $16,000. We plan to keep it until the price is higher.

  9. We talked about publishing a directory of our membership. We're planning to do this in January. Felicia will print out the proposed copy and we'll circulate that at the November potluck to have people see the proposed entry for themselves and okay or change it. The directory will be distributed free of charge to our membership. We hope to find someone off board to take on this project. Interested parties please call or email Dorothy.

  10. We scheduled a meeting in December of both the new and old boards which will be a planning time for next year. This meeting will be on Thursday, December 11th, 7:00pm, at the home of Jack Meacham, 2663 West 28th St. If you have a question please call Jack at 344-7011 or email him at meacham@buffalo.edu. The meeting is open to all members.

  11. We scheduled our first potluck in 2009 for Friday, January 16th, 6:00 pm. We haven't yet decided the place or the program.

  12. Shannon reminded us that we have the opportunity to volunteer to help with the Festival of Trees at the Valley River Inn. Interested parties please contact Shannon at smicheel@gmail.com.

Minutes by Dorothy


Addendum sent to Dorothy via an email on 11/6/08 from Evangelina regarding the treasurer's report:

Balance in the Edward Jones money market account: $6,046.34. This amount includes donations, returned funds from the Calvert Fund investment, and an interest payment of $571.39 on the bond.

Balance in the WCPCA checking account at OCCU: $4,806.56. This includes funds from the recently matured CD at OCCU.