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Board Meeting - September 3, 2008

Minutes of the board meeting, 9/3/08
Approved by the board 9/11/08

Attending: Artis Spriggs, Evangelina Sundgrenz, James Cloutier, Michael Kresko, Benj Epstein, Rolly Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Dorothy Soper

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated and approved by email.

  2. PC Partnership Projects: We discussed the fact that we need more information about the Peace Corps Partnership projects that we contribute to. At this point only a final report is available upon request. We don't know the exact location or the progress of the projects nor do we have photos. James will call the PC to inquire about this.

  3. Treasurer's Report: Evangelina presented the treasurer's report as follows:

    1. Financial position:
      Checking account, OCCU$1,957
      6 mo. money mkt. act., OCCU$2,612
      Calvert fund$2,000 (payable to WCPCA in September)
      Beryl's fund invested at Edward Jones Principal Life Income bond: $20,000
      6 mo. CD: $2,512
    2. We also went over a draft of a budget for 2009. This will be referred to the Financial Planning Committee for further discussion.

    3. The board acknowledged WCPCA's receipt of 501 (c)3 status from the IRS which occurred in late August. We have a probationary status for four years and will need to follow certain guidelines to retain the status. With this step we can make plans to create an endowed fund with OCF of $25,000.

    4. Evangelina will call our financial advisor, Rick Carr, to talk about our interest in selling our bond in the near future. Dorothy will talk to Sarah Brandt of OCF regarding establishing the Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund whose earning we will use to fund humanitarian projects. Both will report to the board at its next meeting.

    5. Evangelina reported on the possibility of WCPCA advertising using the Bijou Theater's program of flashing photo ads on the screen before a movie starts. The purpose is this would be to advertise the organization and ultimately to attract donations and new members.

      Evangelina explained to the board the process (or how this would work) of putting together an ad, the cost, how many times it would be seen, and information regarding the images and formatting. What the board needs to know now is if we can make a change to the submitted images every month (meaning, if we were to go ahead with the ad, can we rotate them on a monthly basis) and if so, is there an added fee to this?

    6. Evangelina presented to the board draft copies of informational handouts about the organization. These are items to use at the Eugene Celebration or other places where we meet the public. The board went over them to make some suggestions. She will revise them and have them printed on colored paper.

  4. Flags: James found a vendor that sells flags at a reasonable cost. He'll buy a few more for our stock. They should be here in time for us to carry them in the Eugene Celebration parade.

  5. Calendars: Rolly reported that she had ordered 200 international calendars for us to sell for a total cost including shipping of $860. She hopes that they will be here for us to sell at the Eugene Celebration.

  6. Members and membership dues: We had a long discussion of our membership numbers and dues. Dorothy showed the board the information that WCPCA now has 61 members. Of this number half join through the national organization. The other half joins directly. The former group pays annual dues of $15; the latter group pays annual dues of $35.

    Given the disparity in these two amounts the board felt that it would be fairer to change our dues structure so that everyone pays the same. We believe that this will help us expand the membership.

    We also realize that the amount that members might donate above the $15 level would be tax deductible. This might encourage people to donate a total amount that would be greater than the previous $35 dues level.

    With lowering the membership dues we will be obligated to make a strong effort to recruit new members in order to have enough income to cover our operating expenses and set aside some money to fund humanitarian causes.

    The board created the following new structure for the annual payment of dues for people who pay dues directly to WCPCA:

    Individual member$15
    StudentNo charge
    1st year after leaving the PCNo charge

    Those who pay their annual dues to WCPCA through the national RPCV organization will continue to pay $15.

    Sixteen people have paid annual dues of $35 already in 2008 to WCPCA. They will receive a second year of membership at no additional cost and will be notified shortly by email.

  7. Dorothy reported that Jim Beyer has agreed to be the head of a nominating committee to secure nominees for board positions for the November election. Jim may ask other members to help him if he wishes to do so. Jim will contact each board member to verify whether he/she would like to continue in office. The board will also encourage the membership via email to give nominations to Jim and members will also be encouraged to let Jim know if they are interested in serving on the board.

    The organization has five officers and may have an unlimited number of at-large board members. The board prefers non-contested elections to encourage full participation of the membership. All board members must be paid up members of the WCPCA.

    Elections will be held in November. Only paid up members may vote. The board decided that the term of service for future boards will be from January to December of each calendar year. With this slight change the officers' terms coincide with our tax year and this makes budgeting and reporting to the IRS easier for the treasurer. The new set of officers will serve from January through December of 2009. In December, 2008, there will be a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming board members to provide for a smooth transition.

  8. Eugene Celebration: We decided that we'll sell shirts at our booth. James suggested reprinting tee shirts with both the Ghandi design and with the 'Take thyme...'. The board agreed and allocated $441 for this purpose. James will place the orders.

    James announced that WCPCA will be entry #3 in the parade. The parade starts at 9:30 am. We'll meet on E. 11th between Oak and Pearl. For early arrivals there will be coffee and bagels available at 11th and High.

    James is repainting the taxi coordinating getting it and flags to the parade site and home again. He and Benj will set up the booth. People who can help by working at the booth should contact James.

  9. Empty Bowls: Michael is working to identify people who can help clean up after the Empty Bowls fundraiser sponsored by Food for Lane County. Volunteers should arrive at the Food for Lane County headquarters on Bailey Hill Road at 8:30 pm on Saturday, September 13th. Please let Michael know in advance if possible.

  10. International guests: James encouraged the board to invite international guests to our potlucks. This would be a welcoming place for them to socialize and it would be interesting for us meet them.

Minutes by Dorothy