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Board Meeting - July 10, 2008

Attending: Felicia Kenney, Benj Epstein, Rolly Thompson, Wayne Thompson, James Cloutier, Rob Dwan, Michael Kresko.

  1. President's Report: James reported that Brett will be working in Portland and he will start in September. James called Brett to encourage him to come to the potluck on July 12, so we can thank him for a great job as recruiter.

  2. Vice President's Report: Rolly gave the Eugene Celebration Parade application along with a check for $70 to James to fill out and pay for our entry in the parade on September 13.

    Rolly reported that we have finally been contacted by the IRS informing us that we need a new EIN because of the name change we made in 2004. By their definition the name change constituted the end of one organization and the beginning of a new one. There are some changes and additions to make to our application.

    The bill of $860 for 200 calendars has been paid. We hope to have them to sell at the Eugene Celebration and the next potluck.

  3. Treasurer's Report: Felicia handed out Evangelina's treasurer's report. We looked it over, but there was no discussion.

  4. Webmaster's report: Felicia told us about Running for Water. Someone is requesting to be sponsored for a run that will raise money for water projects in Ghana. We tentatively budgeted $100 contingent upon Felicia finding out more information from him.

    The online survey about an online newsletter worked. People were asked how they wanted to receive our newsletter: on the website, plain text email, pdf emailed to me, doesn't matter to me, and prefer a paper newsletter. Plain text email received 71% and pdf emailed to me received 29%.

  5. Membership: Felicia is putting renewal dates for membership as the date someone's membership expires instead of the date they renewed if it is before the expiration date.

    Felicia said the sign in sheets from the last 2 potlucks were a big help. Now she can contact people about memberships. Benj requested a separate sign in sheet for new members at the potluck and he will talk to them. (As it turned out, there were no new members at the potluck.)

    The board discussed the handouts that Evangelina prepared to promote the group. Copies should be brought to the next meeting so we can discuss them further.

    It was suggested that perhaps our September potluck should focus on member recruitment. No decision was made on this.

  6. Financial planning status and ideas: Rob said that Jack Meacham has chosen 5 projects off the Peace Corps Partnership site and will make a presentation at the potluck. New people will be encouraged to be on the committee to recommend to the board of directors which project to fund.

  7. Fundraising: Rolly has contacted the people who said they would be on the fundraising committee to schedule a meeting. So far one has not been scheduled. The committee consists of Rolly and Wayne Thompson, Tom English, Mike Helm, Bob Crites, and James Cloutier. The committee is looking for more members. Several names were mentioned; Rolly will contact them.

    James reported that he joined Café Press. The 'basic shop' is free. He needs digital images of artwork. He told us that Café Press will print books on demand, which would be a way to have something published without a huge outlay of money. He gave us information about how Café Press works.

    We discussed how to get Beryl's fund to $25,000, so we can put it with Oregon Community Foundation. Upon the recommendation of the Financial Planning committee we voted to add the Calvert Fund money, approximately $2000, to the money we have already in Beryl's fund. We will wait until the next board meeting to decide how to bring the fund up to $25,000.

    Several other venues for fundraising were discussed. Michael asked if we had ever thought about getting a booth at the Country Fair. After discussing how difficult it is to get a booth there nowadays, the expense, and the atmosphere, we discussed having a booth at Saturday Market. James said he would look into a booth at Saturday Market. Rolly also said she would help 'person' a booth.

  8. Community Service Projects: Michael gave us the information about the Empty Bowl Auction at Food for Lane County on September 13. They need 20-25 volunteers to clean up after the auction. At 8:30 there will be a buffet for the volunteers. He suggested that RPCV's have nametags.

    Benj gave us information about Walk for the Gold on August 23, a fundraiser to support Special Olympics athletes. He has formed a team of which he is the captain. He encourages anyone who wants to join him to contact him.

  9. Update on Joe Hindman: Joe Hindman has been elected the new NPCA Western Regional Representative.

  10. The board decided not to publish information about monthly board meetings in the Register Guard.

    Next board meeting: tentatively August 7 at 7:15 pm. We need to check with Dorothy to see if she can meet then.

    Next potluck: September 19, 6:00 pm at Benj and Joann Epstein's home.

James adjourned the meeting at 9:15 pm.

Minutes by Rolly
July 19, 2008