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Board Meeting - November 8, 2007

West Cascade Return Peace Corps Board Meeting
Board Meeting, Nov. 8th, 2007
Began 7:45 PM Ended 9:12 PM
House of Benj and Joann Epstein

Members Present: Benj, James, Wayne, Dorothy, Rolly, Dustin, Michael K.

  1. Announcements: Calendars are for sale- contact Rolly Thompson
  2. Additions to Agenda:
    • Current members paid up to date status is in a transition stage.
  3. Officer updates:
    • Treasurer Update - none
    • Other- Secretary position is open - D. Soper is willing to step in
  4. Calendar Sales update: Rolly has sold about 20; a scanned picture will be posted on the website; we need prices posted and another method to pay. $12 each for the first five; afterwards it's $10 a piece. Rolly will look into retail placement of calendars (i.e. Swahili Imports). James will look into placement at U of O bookstore.
  5. Update Campus organize Social Nights at Pub
    • Now meeting at Rennie's Landing. They did meet Nov. 7th and will continue the first Wed. of every month.
  6. Update: Bylaw Committee/ 501C3 Status (tax exempt deductible status)
    • Dept. of Justice Update- Rolly met with Loren Zavrell - a lady getting started in non-profit management. For $200 Loren will help us complete the non- profit application. We need to have an approved constitution and they are approved. It is necessary for us to have in order to complete the form for the IRS. Rolly expects to submit paper work for 501c3 status in early December.
  7. Officer Elections Update on Candidates:
    • is there a time line? Are we following the bylaws; Need for a secret ballot; how many members do we have? Need to mail out to non-computer
    • Dorothy will write up voting letter for officer and constitution votes; she will mail with Benj; votes will request they be returned within two weeks. Emails will also be notifying/ reminding members to return ballots.
    • Approx. 55 paid members and 30 outstanding members
  8. Beryl Brinkman Memorial Fund
    • Account: Deposited approx. $22,500 at Oregon Community Credit Union;
    • Interest Options: Board approves moving the money into an investment account
    • Manager/ Handler: Jim Byers firm can manage the funding; Evangelina is very involved; it is believed fees will be waived for the management of this account.
    • Additional Fundraiser Ideas : Dustin will draft a letter for Beryl's esteemed correspondence list - friends of Beryl's who received money as a gift from Beryl with the understanding that the money would be donated to a non-profit. Wayne will talk with Trish and see about getting the list/ address from her.
  9. Shirt Sales Update
    • $15 t-shirts and $25 for sweaters
    • prices need to be on the website; Rolly will give to Felicia
    • James is the custodian of the shirts; will be doing an inventory
  10. Paypal Update - none
  11. Calendar
    • Board Meeting- Thursday, December 13th
    • General PCV Meeting - January 11th
      Location: Benj and Joanna's
      Presenter: James C. will talk with Brett for presenters