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Board Meeting - February 22, 2007

West Cascade Return Peace Corps Board Meeting
February 22, 2007, 7:15-8:15pm
Midtown Café, Eugene

Members present: Dustin Johnson, Benj Epstein, Rolly Thompson, Brett Holt, Michael Kresko, Shannon Micheel, James Cloutier, Dorothy Soper, Penny Moblo and Maggie Keenan.

Officer Updates
Campout: Reservation has been made a Diamond Lake- Broken Arrow group camp. $537 deposit paid by Michael Kresko. Thursday, Aug 2nd through Sunday August 5th. Need to notify regional RPCV groups and form planning committee.

Treasurer: absent. Evangelina has formalized financial processes, is taking care of 2006 taxes. Members had a brief discussion regarding changing account to improve interest rate on balance. No decision made.

Co-secretaries: Shannon and Michael will maintain the membership database and were given the master CD from Beryl's computer.

West Cascade Activities:
A lengthy discussion regarding need to encourage members at large to take responsibility to organize/coordinate West Cascade monthly activities. There was interest in involving the group in social and service activities a part from the monthly potlucks and pub nights.

Potlucks are the first Sunday of each month. Pub nights for PC recruitment organized by Brett Holt are the first Wed of the month.

Shannon and Michael will continue to review and summarize the survey responses to identify interested members and new ideas for the group.

Reconnectons News Letter:
The next issue will be dedicated to Beryl. An email was sent to the group list-serve requesting articles from members to account stories honoring her life. Dustin, James and Rolly are the primary contacts.

Requests for donations in memory of Beryl will be posted in the newsletter to support charities in Afghanistan.

National Peace Corps Awareness Week, Feb 25-Mar 3
Several RPCVs are planning on speaking at local schools. An email went out to the group at large for volunteers. Brett Holt and Michael Kresko have availability for volunteers.

West Cascade Archives
James, Dustin, Rolly and Dorothy will be going through Beryl's home to inventory, collect and organize the group's property. Seeking volunteers to help.

Board Motions
The board agreed unanimously to donate $1 for each paying member to support the NW region's representative to the National RPCV Association to help defer costs the representative has been incurring at his own expense.

The board agreed to reimburse for expenses incurred by members for costs associated with Beryl's memorial service.

March 4th Potluck: Tom and Nancy English; Rotary Club international project.
April 1st Potluck: Michael Schapiro will speak regarding his non-profit in Haiti. Location TBA.
General Board Meeting: 3rd Thursday of each month 7:15-8:15 at Midtown Café, 16th and Willamette.