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January Through July 1994 Summary

West Cascade Summary - January/July, 1994

  • Meetings:
    • Participation in campus recruiting evenings - 1
    • Potluck gatherings - 5
    • Business meetings - 5
    • Reception for Carol Bellamy
    • Career workshop with Mona Melanson
  • Volunteer activities
    • Help with Special Olympics Adopt-a-path bicycle path cleanup
  • Regional Meetings
    • Hosted February meeting
    • Attended Regional meeting in Seattle
    • Regional Campout in August planned
  • Recreational
    • Participation in Eugene Celebration Parade - September planned Partipated in Portland Starlight Parade June Attended Goat Chase Retreat in Montant - Juen
  • Publications
    • ReConnections, West Cascade Newsletter 7 issues
  • Conferences
    • 7 members plan to attend National Conference of RPCVs in Atlanta July.
  • National Representation
    • Two members on National Board.
  • Fundraising Activities
    • Table with West Cascade line of goods - National Conference
    • Table at Eugene Celebration- planned
    • On-going sale of Calendars, shirts. Good Humor book, notepads through advertisements in
    • World View, the National Council magazine; ads through ReConnections
  • Other
    • On-going distribution of manual for the creation of a world map, manual of NW activities, creation of housing network for the Northwest
  • Charitable contributions
  • Membership
    • 167 West Cascade members
    • 120 members of the National Council

    Submitted by Beryl Brinkman
    President of West Cascade Peace Corps Assn.