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Directions to the Home of Bob Watada and Rosa Sakanishi

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Driving directions to the home of Bob Watada and Rosa Sakanishi, 85622 Jasper Park Road, Pleasant Hill.

Take I 5 to exit 188 and drive east on Highway 58 to Pleasant Hill. Drive past the Pleasant Hill schools to Parkway Drive; turn left. There will be a sign also for Jasper Park which is near Bob and Rosa's house.

Continue on Parkway Drive for about two miles until you come to Jasper Park Drive and also a sign for Jasper Park. Turn right on Jasper Park Drive. Proceed for about one block to Jasper Park Road. Turn left and drive about 100 yards to 85622 Jasper Park Road which is on the left and has a very visible white fence in the front. Turn left into one of two driveways.

Note: While driving on Parkway Drive if you come to a bridge over a sizeable river, you have gone too far.